Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated




So disappointed


As i am in you

literally can’t stop eating them


not new, but buying a packet of those curry sauce flavour chip shop McCoys and opening them when not in a disciplined mindset is pretty risky. most addictive crisps I’ve encountered in some time.


Both them and the salt/vinegar are excellent.


nah it’s fine but the ‘salted caramel fudge’ bit mostly just tastes like a Trio bar. the cookie dough one was the best.


yeah these are superb.


seems like a good idea, as someone who enjoys sucking the shell down on skittles to leave just the chewy bit, but these are actually quite rubbish


I’m excited for them bringing out a packet of bits of shell


Yet to try them


Wouldn’t surprise me if that idea is on a notepad somewhere. The trend in recent years of selling inferior food products (like those skittles and ‘thin’ versions of stuff) that use less ingredients and processes and then sold for the same price as the original is so wrong.


Make one set of skittles but sell it twice - yes and ho!


picked up a tube of these today, as well as Pink Grapefruit Fanta

they also do White Fudge Flipz


Prosecco & Pink Peppercorn Pringles is absurd. Nice alliteration, though.

Pink Grapefruit Fanta has my attention.


They’re quite nice!

There’s also a Blood Orange Fanta (didn’t buy)


this stuff is amaaaazing - no artificial sweetners if you care about that



Just a note to say Iceland are doing Christmas tree flavour crisps


mmmm pine


might be a cheaper alternative to pine nuts I guess


what’s cheaper than free