Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated

Just thought you’d like to know that I met a greengrocer the other week

Opened this about two weeks ago, still half a bar left. Should probably throw it out now. The chocolate fudge one was much better imo

Tasty and refreshing 9.5/10


Very good and actually tastes like what it says unlike most Dr Pepper flavours. Think its a US import

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Just bought a couple of cans of this as well as a couple of cans of Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

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Where are these from? My GFs 9 year old would love these I think. Just got her into the vanilla float ones.

Got mine from here. Bit pricey compared to other US snack shops, but have a few things I’ve not seen anywhere else.

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Yes! Strawberry and chocolate is a woefully underused combination.

Really good despite the name


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What flavour is the Pitch Black?

A shop on Manchester - loads of newsagent/vale type places have American stuff now

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Ah yes thanks, there is a pretty big one in Reading too. Will check for sure.

Will check this and the shop near me, thanks!

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Enjoyed these:


same, smashed a bag at the cinema at the weekend

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Only had a nibble of my kids but seemed decent. Wtf is with that amount of packaging though?

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Ok so a Cadbury KitKat in a circle

Haven’t tried the biscoff bar yet but had a wee corner of the ferrero rocher and @scout it’s just like a kinder related deliciousness.