Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated




What else apart from bleach comes in pine flavour? Hmmmm bleach


i once had some pine tree flavour mulled wine

it was all right!


Actually I use to drink pine tree liqueur in France, but thinking about it may have actually just been bleach


Definitely bleach


I’m working away all week so haven’t had a chance to try them yet!


too many ice tea style drinks nowadays aren’t there
not enough ginger beers



Had some Pink Prosecco crisps from Marks’s and they were disgusting. Crisps should not be fizzy.


Had another thought.
Why are there whole shelves devoted to those stupid expensive protein bar snacks everywhere now? Saw one that was called PhD Smart bar. feel like when people have too much disposable cash it just makes their brains go weird


People have figured out you can charge £2 for a tracker bar if you put PROTEIN on the front of it :roll_eyes:




Not as good as the cheaper stuff I can get in Catford’d TFC, or the stuff I was eating in Spain.

Fucking LOVE roasted corn.


These were decent 8/10 (much better than the Brownie ones)


Yes and yes.


Also not new but also pretty great


Has anyone else had them yet? I was seriously into them, perfectly spicy in a cinnamon/ginger way rather than a chilli way






Co-Op have released Ultimate Roast Potato flavour crisps (sea salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic flavour)

v nice


I’ve been getting all the wafer snacks that are similar to Knoppers. There’s an incredibly good white chocolate and coconut one. Goralki is pretty good too. My #bulgarianmate once made us a big cake that was like a sloppy giant wet Knopper and it was amazing. Eastern European wafer snacks are the thing for me.

Giant Wet Sloppy Knopper