Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Giant Wet Sloppy Knopper
Plus Special Guests
Old Blue Last


Went in my little one yesterday hoping to see these and sadly the Christmas section was all chocolates.


I had one recently called milch something. thought of you when I ate it


They weren’t in the Christmas section, just normal crisp aisle




might not be new but are new to sainsbos. not as spicy as I was hoping and the biltong wasnt great. 4/10, may snack again if on offer but will probs just biltong elsewhere


biltong is so over rated in general


I respect your opinion but I enjoy biltong and I refuse to apologise for it


Genuinely amazed when I found sainsbos sells quark now


take it to the quark thread


There’s a quark thread?!


Theres Brussel Sprouts flavour Walkers out


Have you not found the soft cheeses sub forum yet?


Mate I barely know What forum this is


M and M caramel crunch. Like little diam balls with crunchy coating. Top m and m-ing




I love sprouts, but can’t imagine sprout flavoured Walkers being much good…


Taates like soil


Fancy store-bought soil that’s loaded with nutrients?

Ah this was a reply to @TKC


Nope, just regular run of the mill soil