Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Quite into these from Lidl:


Away with your other crisps, these bad boys are the only ones you’ll need in your life.





These are the absolute best, definitely the best discovery I’ve made (snack-wise) in a while.


these are amazing



just ate a whole bag of these

not very spicy but very yummy imho


H&B do a strong snack game - it’s a shame they all cost a million pounds.


Been eating those since the 80s m9


Fortunately, if you do stump up the million quid, you can buy another for only half a mil.


Bought some of these at the weekend. The jury’s not so much out, more off on a long weekend.


I eat a lot of these at the moment. They taste like monster much.


these things are so fucking good but so fucking bad for you

Image result for pick snack salami


need to put these away. moreish. blue cheese flavour crisps need to be a year-round thing.


Oh good god yes


Oooohh :heart_eyes:


Got a bag of kinder choco bons on the go. Absolute game changers.

(mini kinder egg filled with the insides of a bueno)



on offer for a quid at Morrison’s. I’m going back for more.


I would say that more describes ferraro eggs, chocolate bons are just kinder bar innards with some chopped nuts, unless they’ve changed them


Had these ages ago and couldn’t find them since. Just had them again and they are damn delicious, taste exactly like they should