Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


S&V Ritz Crisp & Thins, i’m telling you, are the king of all current snacks.


It’s heartwarming that there’s at least one person left on these boards who isn’t pretending that they give Sainsbury’s a cutsey “colloquial” name like “Sainsos” in real life.


The tv has fully adopted sainos now. Success.






Ah but you’re from north of Watford. You speak a whole different language anyway :wink:


quite like those wasabi and ginger Sensations. not in love with them or anything, but not terrible?


This - Apart from Booths obviously, because that’s Not A Thing.


Best supermarket in the UK by far. Like an upmarket Waitrose.


I can’t stop getting sour cream and chive pretzels whenever I see them. Also like those jalapeno ones that are all crushed up. Need to get some habas fritas from somewhere - they were my go-to munchies for a while.


Walkers Jalapeno Crisps - good work, Gary.


Anyone had the Tabasco Doritos?


For some reason supermarkets are safe from this but I do it for other things :sweat_smile:


got these recently

not sure why I bought them but they were alright


these are so fucking peng


Not a fan of the biscuit thin bullshit. Had some mcvities and some Maryland ones. Just seems so lazy in terms of ideas and development. Just making them…thinner. Pretty sure the packet I had were also harping on about less calories. Yeah, cos it’s a third of a fucking biscuit!


Yeah at first you’re like ‘this is pretty dry and shit’ and then you’re like ‘oh well I might as well have another’ and before you know it they’re all gone.


they could be my new favourite pub snack tbh.


Not mad keen on the fennel ones but the chili ones are nice. (Just looked and they don’t seem to do them anymore)

Tried some pea snacks recently. Were a bit weird. Like a Chipstick that had gone off or something.


Pineapple crisps