Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated

Yeah, could be - maybe depends what it is? I reckon Oreos are cheaper than chocolate

The big supermarket chain out here sells a Truffle salami with a parmesan coating and I am fucking addicted. Those three flavours mix outrageously well and i will absolutely die shovelling them into my face.


Newsagents in the town centre here sells these for 30p a can so I am well on board with them. Think that is my favourite but they are all pretty dece. Quite nice to have a still drink option which isn’t juice or just water.


That honestly sounds incredible.

However good you’re imaging it tastes, it’s at least 50% better

Has anyone had a Cadburys Dark Milk yet? If so tell me what it’s like

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Boring. Not quite as good as either of its components.

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The local chocolate makers where I live does a better version that I had before the Cadbury one though so it might have clouded my judgement.

About a million times better than Bournville. Which still makes it average, but if you want Cadburys but darker it is the bettsr option.

Quite liked it

You’re a wrongun

This can’t possibly be said in defence of Bournville?

Demon Milk

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Skittles Yoghurt Dips are weird

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What are they? Like a Muller corner but with Skittles in?!

It is good.

Like yoghurt raisins but with skittles inside Id say!

Theres Smoothies flavours too which are v nice

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Time to see what the darker milk craze is all about i spose.

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