Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Mmmm pea crisps.
They’re so moreish. And green.


Mmm, pea… crisps…


yeah the oreo ones are a waste of space


Itsu seaweed things. Not amazing but the wasabi ones stop me eating crisps constantly.



In Spain you get these crisps. For them, they are standard. Cooked in olive oil and slightly salted. They are AMAZING .

I saw some in M&S obviously made by Spanish companies and sold over here. So much more than a salted crisp.


got a pack of Walkers Lime + Black Pepper

pretty prettyyyyy good



Peanut butter Magnums. So good.



Frozen Mars Bar > Chilled Mars Bar > Room Temperature Mars Bar

Frozen Milky Ways are superb as well


Fair play, I just didn’t realise how many fucking philistines were on the boards!


On the other hand,

Chilled Double Decker > Room Temperature Double Decker > Frozen Double Decker.

This is due to the latter requiring power tools to break apart.




I don’t understand this post, but I’m going to pretend I did.

nods thoughtfully


Just expressing agreement, friend. Like what you’d said was scripture or whatever.


Walkers Sensations wasabi and ginger crisps. I know what you’re thinking (that sounds like a pile of pretentious wank) but it’s pretty nippy on the nose and very moreish.


Hi UP!



HELLO my friend Ant!!! I have finished my work a bit early today and am killing time procrastinating before going home to see my baba, and I had a notification saying something about fartign so I thought I’sd swing by

how are you? Still supporting Utd? Heard a rumour yesterday (good source) that Bale to Utd had all but gone through yesterday morning, told @Trainboy this last night, he didn’t believe me. let’s see if (when) it happens.


been round every shop in glasgow looking for these god damn kinder joy egg things… still haven’t found one