Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Baby seems truly adorable from yr Facebook updates innit :+1:

I’m very well thanks, off to OT on Sunday in fact so will be very angry with you indeed if there isn’t a grand Bale unveiling before kick off now.


Chickpea crisps, pretty darn good. Basically like vegan wotsits


I know, I think I am actually going to have to eat my hat or something if this one turns out to be a dud tip.

*stakes the farm on it anyway


are wotsits not vegan? wouldn’t have thought they had actual real cheese anywhere near them


Probably milk protein in the cheese dust or something


Frozen Mars bars are literally impossible to eat, what are you playing at.


I’m a big brave boy.


Weirdest fucking texture though. Like a sticky Wotsit.


Big bags of Doritos Heat Burst for half a quid in the Company Shop at work.

Chipotle Cream flavour. Got a bit of a sour cream thing going on to start with, but then have a nice little kick to 'em. Reckon they’re worth a punt even at full price.


Was very excited when I walked past the Company Shop earlier and saw a load of Stilton Mini Cheddars in there. Definitely having a go on those later. Will update you as and when.


seen the advert for these but not seen them in shops… Im waiting.


I was surprised to see heaps of them in the knock off shop at work considering they seem to be a pretty new thing.


there’s three new ones


From what I saw, it was only the Stilton ones in-t’shop.


Sorry to steal your thunder mate but I just got these. Can confirm they are a fucking revelation. 10/10.

A Friday lunch thread

At least I know it’s definitely worth a walk to the shop in a bit.


Full disclaimer: they were the first thing I’ve eaten all day, and I’ve been up since 5am, so may be prone to exaggeration. Definitely really fucking good though.



If I hadn’t just got back into the office from lunch I would be searching for a pack of these right now.

In other snack news, big fan of these bad boys from Aldi. Plus they’re made of peas so presumably count towards your five-a-day…



This did not happen.