Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


same :kissing_heart:


no idea how new they are but picked some of these up in whsmiths the other day at the airport and MY WORD :kissing_closed_eyes::yum:




well they’re still new to me goddammit


I can confirm that these pea snacks are very good.


My word they are good! Wasn’t expecting great things, but they’ve got a really good quality and quantity of flavour to them.


What other flavours are available? I may need to investigate.


Red Leicester and Smoked Applewood apparently!


Applewood could be interesting. Obviously Red Leicester will be the exact same as normal ones but more orange.


But agree looking unlikely now.


Once on a really hot day I popped a Lindt ball that had been sitting at room temp in my mouth without thinking. Lord.


What does the biscuit bit taste like?


I need these in my life.


Pretty great, very moreish but also filling so hard to scoff the entire pack at once (unlike Sensations et al). Also have pitta and naan variants I’m excited for.


Just bought a Mac N Cheese Pizza from Asda. Will report back, I have high hopes


The christmas sausage roll from M&S is v. good


Two questions:

  1. Is it from the main bit, or the bit with the sandwiches?
  2. Does it have turkey and cranberry in it too?

I ask because the last few years they have done one which answers yes to both of those and it was wonderful, but when I looked in the Christmas selection at my local M&S they only had a selection of three mini pastry rolls and it made me a bit sad.

  1. Bit with the sandwiches
  2. Yes!

Its an individually packaged (1) roll. If they did a multipack version the probability of me buying it under the ruse of ‘eating one now and saving the rest for later, but actually scoffing them all in record time’ would be very much on.


Turkey and stuffing crisps from Saino’s. Just tasted like chicken innit.


Your answers have given me hope, I thought they had sacked it off for this year. Hopefully they will appear in the one near me soon, if not I will have to find an excuse to go to a bigger M&S to hunt one down.


What have we here…?

Very crunchy (rather than crispy, I’d say), a slight hint of spice to them, not a great deal of flavour though. Stick to yer standard mini Cheddars I think (especially if Stilton flavour are available).

Also, these - a sauce, not a snack - were in the Company Shop at work so bought one of each. They are from Aldi though apparently:

Not tried the ‘Mexican style’ sauce (is that not habanero???) yet, but the habanero and scotch bonnet ones are well worth a go. I mean it’s not proper habanero by a long chalk, but it’s nice for dipping your chips in or whatever…