Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


got some Lamb and Mint Seabrooks

also Turkey Pringles are out now


Why hello there


could be chipotle…?


I tried those out last week, pretty decent but wished there was more cinnamon (though I always wish there was more cinnamon) and was left feeling they should be some sort of wafer curl instead. Would still probably buy again.


Ps this was a bit shit not nearly enough topping


I find it a bit weird how people on here claim to be leftists, but they’re actually weirdly fetishistic about massive multinationals. Fish in a barrel for marketing executives too, apparently…


@moderators - any chance of running an alias check?

@TrustInMe - apologies if you’re a genuine new user, but we’ve had a bout of old trolls that have followed a similar posting habit to yourself recently.


I didn’t mean to be unfriendly. I thought they were interesting points worth discussing.


Not at all - it’s a fair point; we’re nothing if not hypocritical on here :slight_smile:


I’ve given you a like for your friendly comment. Have a nice day!


have you had the sainsbury’s one? I like it enough to have bought it and eaten the lot multiple times


New Bugles are terrible :(((


These are absolutely incredible.






I’d put the keys to the flat on that being terrible.


It’s great


Anyone on the knoppers?


Chocolate chip hobnobs, they’re so good!


Oh god they came to give these away at the place where I (and seemingly everyone else on DiS) works a couple of months back.

Got a box in each flavour and literally ate 3 boxes in one day. Felt so sick afterwards but they are quite delicious.