Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Big fan of anything wafer. Loacker are great too.


Not newish by a long chalk, but I have just - for the very first time in my 27.5 year history - tried a Twiglet.

Not a very nice experience at all. I would describe them as tasting like how a filthy grill pan smells.





If you like coffee flavoured things then you won’t be disappointed. Very good biscuits :+1:


What if you dunk them in tea :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




the new Walkers Max Strong are annoyingly nice

still find the ‘perfect with beer’ tagline odd


M&S have started doing a little raspberry and matcha whitr chocolate bar which is :yum:. Unfortunately the Basildon M&S is most likely closing so my go-to for indulgent snacks will have to change :frowning: (also people loosing jobs, which sucks)


My colleague ordered some Seaweed Thins. last week and bought them in to work. She was a bit disappointed in them, but I reckon they’d be great with a beer. The taste and texture was very ‘crispy skin on a piece of fish that’s been pan fried’, so can see that it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.



Spend more money there and save it


I really like them. Much healthier than crisps if you want a snack with a beer.


Don’t have the resources to get much beyond the occasional snack. If the old ladies can’t sustain it with their custom, then I certainly can’t.


FAO @laelfy

I think I have a new fav


Ooh, interesting. Which supermarket?


Asda, not seen them before, I think they’re new new







Is this the right thread to post humorously named things found in the supermarket?