Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated

Big fan of this



didn’t realise ‘neeps’ were turnips when I bought these

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Loved these when I had then least year, haven’t seen them in ages though :frowning:

(probably doesn’t help that I’ve barely been to shops, but still…)

3 of your 5 a day in one bag!


saw them in B + M, happy to get some and send you them next time I go

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Ah, thank you, that’s ok though - I am hoping they might pop up in Lidl in the next week because thinking about it, it was about Burns night last year they got a whole bunch of Scottish stuff in so maybe it might actually be time for the :crossed_fingers:

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Oh yeah possibly, I hadn’t ever seen them before. If not then their website probably sells them too

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the KFC Max ones are delicious, dangerously so

the Zinger ones are properly spicy, have a real nice heat to them

the other ones taste more like salt and pepper but still, not complaining