Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Nutella B-ready. Fucking crap compared to a Bueno. Disappointed.


theyre aren’t cheap either are they


first up, a not-new-at-all snack that has nonetheless blown my mind this week:


these are straight-up the best biscuits going. and when you dunk them in tea? next level.

okay, crisps then.

got these over Xmas, ooft. the crisps themselves have that proper potato kind of taste (some crisps weirdly taste of nothin’ much at all), and the flavour? knocked it out of the park, here.

and I bought all four flavours of these from Asda the other day. not pictured are the delicious manchego cheese and green olive ones that I finished pretty quickly. currently on the chilli and honey ones and the heat is real.


Went to Aldis’ this morning…

Didn’t crisp up as much as hoped in the time stated in the box and were a bit greasier than anticipated. They’re in a lightish southern-fried batter kind of thing.

Reasonable/10, but reckon I’d stick to just whacking chunks of plain halloumi in the oven or in a pan for a few minutes in future.

Oh, it doesn’t serve 3 either - that plate was half of the pack - so does two as a snack or one for a lunch, I would say.


Fucking hell though, they sound incredible.


Yeah those biscuits are :100:

Might make some of my own.


Reckon if you’d done it homemade, or had it from a bar/restaurant/van on the street it’d be banging. The supermarket imitation is a bit of a disappointment though.


I really want to make some biscuits. my mum used to make some from some strange old recipe that no other biscuit has come close to.

those ones I posted too, obv. imagine not having to pay at best a quid for ten. need to reverse engineer me some.

These a dead good.


these are delish


I got so angry when people sell non-hand cooked crisps. How can people eat something where the frying basket has been lowered by a machine rather than a hand?


i like these. got my mum into them. she now posts them to me. its so she feel connected to me i guess. bless her.


Fox’s Ginger Crunch Creams


In the vegan/free from section of Tesco the “cheese” tortilla chips are great - really flavourful, crispy and strong enough to take a hefty amount of dip, unlike Doritos which break all the time.

I got a bag and was sharing them about at work, all the non vegans loved em.


Has anyone had the salami selection box from Aldi? The rosemary salami is excellent.


snacking salami is the BEST. love a lil £1 pack of pick sticks. might get some on the way home tonight, perfect beer accompaniment (hence the name: beer sticks)


This sounds good. And Aldi is my new favourite shop. Might have a mooch for some next week.


The Aldi red pepper dip is a game changer


there’s new Doritos collisions

Honey BBQ and Lemon
Habanero and Guacamole


This sounds awful and great.