Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


got a pack now

the honey bbq ones arent great but the lemon ones are growers


Just awful, from me.

The hab and guac ones sound alright though.

Obviously, they’ll just taste like chilli flavour Doritos, but whatever


Butter crisps (actual crisps, not biscuits) from the Polish shop. Nice enough cheesy flavour, but a bit too much of a greasy aftertaste.


The fuck is cracked salt


Dunno. Gotta be better for you than salted crack, I’m guessing.


can’t believe how many snacks exist in the world that I have no idea about.


I’ve decided after 3 years of working with folk from all over Europe, that Eastern Europe doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to snacks. Their chocolate in particular is ‘weird’ at best.




Just had some Flipz for the first time. I know they’re not new but… oh my god. Incredible. The whole bag just disappeared.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go post in the dieting and accountability thread.


how are they


“Alright” not groundbreaking or owt :man_shrugging:


Dark chocolate covered salted pretzels. Yummo.


Keep reading this as ‘Jewish’ snacks.


Yeah I can’t eat Flipz because I never stop. Incredible scenes.


i’m in the UK for a couple of weeks, can I please get a definitive list of supermarket snacks released within the past 9 months that I should be trying.

Was on the phone to my mate earlier, and he said they’d tweaked Tesco’s finest sausage and mash ready meal and that it was now even more luxurious. can anyone confirm this?


these are better


My little brother used to go for therapy in Golders Green and my mum would always bring back latkes. Those were always nice, especially with apple sauce.


This is just a rebadged kids cereal


Everything Oreo and Oreo-related can fuck off.

There’s something utterly desperately presumptuous about the advertising for them that seems to be based around us catching up with America and taking the shitty sub-biscuits to our heart like they have, as if we’ve not already got plenty of delicious biscuity goodness that shits on their pisspoor offering from a great height.

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