Next Doctor Who Nominations (MINIMAL CHAT)

Nurse Who

(the very biggest @safetywink here guys).

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I would still love it to be Paterson Joseph!

reckon they should act like it’ll be idris elba right up until they announce it and then it’ll be some john actor dickhead


Snoop from the Wire.

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Toby Jones would be cool - if it were some weird kind of massive Dream Doctor callback, somehow.

Idris Elba’s just the only black british actor people know isn’t he? like it’d make sense casting him as Bond but he’s just really not suited to being Dr. Who but people want to seem inclusive and don’t know who else to put forward

he’s also too big a name to be Dr. Who

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only 9 letters!!!

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can see Michael Gove putting his name forward


Nah. Idris Elba is way too expensive for the role now, and so people like Richard Ayoade and David Harewood have been mentioned more this time.

I do hope it’s someone no one has heard of so the papers can run “Dr WHO?!?” headlines and we can all laugh heartily.

theres about five guys in this list who look like/i previously assumed were the exact same person

ie a DiSer

Honest answer for me: Samantha Morton.

I think that would be pretty fun.

is dr who allowed to headbutt people?

Yeah I obviously don’t watch it and don’t care but ideally it’ll be a woman so that all the manbabies on the internet can have a massive cry


Toby Jones

won’t happen but he could be good

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Andy Serkis? Doctor Who will now be completely CGI?

Fingers crossed it’s the ghostbusters crew

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Totally fine with Leslie Jones taking over, TBH.