Next Listening Club?

Some more ideas:
Elephant 6 Collective
Sarah Records

The Wedding Present
My Bloody Valentine
The Cure

Yeah, I like the sound of doing label listens, keeps things varied.

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Right, once the poll’s closed tonight, I’ll create another thread for suggestions for future band/label listening clubs and close off this one (I’ll copy all the suggestions so far over into a list on the new thread).

As far as the eventual winner of the poll in the original post, was thinking of maybe kicking it off next week unless the general consensus is to wait for the R.E.M. thread to wrap up?


Probably wait for the R.E.M. one to finish but give people the heads up.
I know I for one liked buying the albums to have in time for listening so some people might be the same and having two listening clubs at once might be a bit much?

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Yeah, seems fair. They’re on an album a week on that thread, aren’t they?

…ish :slight_smile:
I always seem to be a bit behind or ahead and we took a few weeks break at Xmas.




Pono files only, though.

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Cat Power?

10 albums (if you include the 2 of covers) so not too unmanageable and has really transformed her sound several times during that 20+ year period. Also an artist who maybe lots of DiSsers know but may have only engaged in one or two albums?


Yeah, roughly. I started off with an album a week with a new record each Monday. Worked well during the IRS years records which had the most interest. For the later ones, a few people drifted away, others (including me) took a little longer to listen and I often got waylaid by home and work issues when posting up the next records. It’s since become a bit more organic and I let each album discussion run its course before moving on.

I’ve already got all the R.E.M. albums too (aside from Collapse), so not been an issue this time, but I agree with @thesewoodenideas about having chance to buy records featured first.


Whatever you keep on your own computer is your business mate :wink:

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Sometimes PDF scans of Razzle are just not enough.

Go-Betweens is a great shout. What a band.

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Other suggestion piggybacking off the Jason Molina thread:

Songs Ohia/Jason Molina/Electric Magnolia Co.

Guy was prolific and brilliant not a miss in whole discography.

Just a suggestion.


was that with Crazy Horse or Promise of The Real? :grin:

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Crazy Horse? What are you suggesting, I’m not a pervert.

International Harvesters!!


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And in a slightly maudlin similar vein:

How about Sparklehorse

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