Next non-pub DiS meet (London centric)


Lots of us are going Mesitizo on Friday for a meal. I was thinking we should organise anoher fun outing soon. I really need things to look forward to right now.

I was thinking this

on Friday 26th January? If anyone wants to join me please post below and we can book as a group to save on the booking fee.

Also would anyone like to go to Kentish Town City Farm on saturday? Or another similar place?


maybe. might be a bit too much money for me, twice in a month, but I’ll think about it.


Unavailable, unfortunately.

And I’ll probably won’t be able to attend any further DiS social events until late April.
Better make Friday a good one.


I’ll probably book my ticket for the play in the next week so if anyone wants to go let me know by early next week.


I’m busy on Saturday and on the possible theatre date unforch.

I wanna go bowling. Who wants to go bowling? I am happy to organise.


I’d love to go bowling!! Unfortunately I’m going to see a show that eve with my family but bowling sounds good!


Btw the date for the theatre is just a suggestion. Personally I have a lot on during work weeks but could probably manage it on a week night too.


i’m not a theatre bastard, sorry!


would be well up for organising a DiS walk/hike when the weather’s nicer though!


oh shit. a multiball of yeses


No takers for the farm either? :pig:


I think @NotEvenDreams should get to choose the next place (pub or not pub).


Farm sounds like the best one yet, especially if we get to feed goats :heart_eyes:


Damn I’m working that sat but I love a farm in general. There’s one in mudchute too. And in spitalfields :slight_smile:


Absolutely count me in for farm and walks and bowling :slight_smile:


Yeah i’ve been to the one in Muschute. Was reading about KTCF today and it seems like it almost had to close a few years ago but managed to save it :slightly_smiling_face:


Big fan of the farm idea, but think we’re off to Bath that weekend (taking out the Friday too- otherwise I’d have been up for your first suggestion). Also love the idea of a hike, so will definitely be up for that!


If it’s this month I’ll probably still not be able to travel :frowning:

Though if you go to the farm that’s fine…there’s plenty up here