Next Sunday

Apols if this is a repeat thread.

If I said today, being Thursday, that we should do something next Sunday, which Sunday do I mean?

The one in three day’s time or the one after that?

The one after that. This sunday is this sunday.



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Yes. This.

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really annoying when people say next sunday to mean sunday

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but yeah, I’m up for it. want to go to the zoo?


The thing is, without fail, if you were to mean and say next Sunday as in 11 days you will invariably be asked "not this Sunday?"
You may as well just say a week Sunday

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Busy mate, sorry.

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This sort of thing confuses me so much. While I kind of get the logic of this Sunday/next Sunday it is still a bit odd. Why would next Sunday not refer to the next one coming up?

If you made plans on Monday and said lets do something next weekend, you wouldn’t mean the one in (nearly) two week’s would you? You’d mean next weekend.

Is there a cut of point, maybe Wednesday, where you need to start saying this to mean this coming and next to mean one after?

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I’d know what you meant, and I think I’m in a minority here, but it would infuriate me.

The Sunday that is next is in three days time.

Sunday Week is much better.


Except Sunday week implies a whole week of Sundays! Hilarity would ensue.

Never in a month of Sundays!

Occasionally in a week of Sundays


If someone said “Sunday week” to me I’d push them off a pier. Next Sunday is fine, it requires no further clarification. It’s the next one after this one.

Well it’s not the next one then is it.

I will fight you (on the sunday after next)

So if someone told you it was your turn next in a queue would you expect someone else to go before you?

Imagine if you were in queue outside Next, behind these guys, on a Sunday


You seem to think I don’t know what “next” means. If someone said about doing something on Sunday, we all know what that means. To add the word “next” in front of it would be ridiculous.

The existence then of a “this” Sunday, means that “next” must refer to the following one.

I mean, if someone says that there’s an event on next Sunday, are some of you honestly asking them for clarification on what that means?

Sunday I
Sunday II

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No, I’ll google it

Aye, alright Johnny 2 Winters.