Next Sunday

Except that, unless you’re saying ‘this sunday’ on sunday itself, it is grammatically incorrect. Unless you’re pointing to the date on a calendar or something. ‘This coming Sunday’ works.
‘Next’ sunday logically should refer to the NEXT sunday to take place

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who’s for some frozen bread?

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Nice nexting, future man

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It does get murky for me the further you are from the particular day for example if its Monday and someone says next Sunday I feel there is a higher chance they mean the Sunday un 6 days time, compared to saying it on say the Friday. Do you get me?

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Today is Thursday though.

I’d understand you but then I’d ask you to clarify.

“So you mean…”

The whole transaction would be pretty awkward.


Only because you’re making it awkward by asking someone to clarify a commonly understood term! This thread is an outrage.

It’s not Dave’s fault you’re wilfully using language as an obstruction to meaning

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I’ve been on a really weird schedule with work/training lately. Can tell you the DATE, but not often the right day. Just say “see you on the 25th” and I know what’s going on.

No need to perpetuate the sins of our fathers

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sure - what time will you pick me up?

Next 3 ‘o’ clock


But that’s on Friday, isn’t it? Or today?

I will message you the answer next noon

It’s much easier the other way isn’t it, last Sunday can only mean one thing. Sunday before last, too.

I’m only going to make plans retrospectively from now on.

*from then on.


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Anyone want to see Wonder Woman last Saturday?

I wonder simply wear a woman

Fine - I’ll went on my own

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