next time you say something, remember what you said

and come here and write it down

i said “yeah, hopefully”

“No new information” - me, 2020

that’s a good one

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Shall we go and get some breakfast and go for a wander


Just said “bananas” into an empty room just for this thread




I’ve not said this yet, but I will


"You wanna drink? "

“I have the authority!”

Followed by some laughter

Went there but there were no dicks on our coffees :’(

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just made a noise that was a LITTLE bit like “morning”

“feel free, yeah”

‘yeah, alright. cheers’

in response to ‘do you want a cup of tea?’

‘Thanks Chloe, have a good weekend, bye’

Big fan of Chloe I reckon she’s gonna find me a job

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“I’m suspicious of it”

(In reference to a vegan sausage roll)

“oh you’ll probably be alright then”

“Nah just chuck it anywhere there, I’ll sort it out after lunch”