NFL 2017: Week 1


one thing all the experts are speculating on: will the Pats go 16 and… oh my goodness, Chiefs.


I really should have said “19 and…”, because the pundits have been seriously getting off on the idea of the Patriots this year.

incredible stuff from the Chiefs. knew Tyreek Hill would be a devastating yards machine this year, but Kareem Hunt could be looking at an unreal rookie year. Eric Berry with a torn achilles, though; Chiefs to be this year’s Falcons, then?


Loving this as a start for the Chiefs, but it looked like a fairly bruising encounter and I’m not sure they have the strength in depth to sustain this sort of performance - it’s not like the last few years has showcased the start of a legacy team! Still, great result up first, and pre-season was solid too, so fingers crossed.


I’m thinking more in terms of scoring and shipping more points than anyone else, with that Falcons reference. really interesting team last year, really exciting to see them take on a new dimension.

Saints up next for the Patriots; they could get scored on heavily two weeks in a row if they don’t pull themselves together pretty quickly.


Oh, fair point - it’s too early in the morning for stats, man!

I’m an armchair observer anyway, in the very loosest sense, but I follow the Chiefs in a way that keeps me hooked into the sport a bit and gives me a bit of narrative. My brother used to be heavily into the Pats, so it’s always a laugh watching them get rolled over.


sweet! excited for you; last year was the third for me supporting the Falcons and it was so much fun up until the fourth quarter of the SB (…).

I think we all love seeing the Pats take a hiding… I mean, it just doesn’t happen. they’ll probably click, but imagine if they’re this dysfunctional all season?


They’ve had a couple of 2-2 starts recently (Inc. A proper thumping last time they played the chiefs) but you’ve just got to enjoy it while it lasts. As long as evil bill and his large adult son QB are about they’re winning the afc east every year


Pats will still walk that shitshow of a division. They can lose first six and still do it


You just know there’s some idiot pundits preparing their ‘Is this the end for Tom Brady?!’ hot takes

Here’s the Guardian’s predictions for the season


If the Pats teams of the past are anythjng to go by this is very bad news for the Saints. Pissed off Brady looking for retribution and Bellicheck with 10 days to work things out. Pour some out for our secondary.

I imagine Ingram, Peterson and Kamara were encouraged by that run D though…


Looks like I picked the right year to quit supporting the Patriots.


Urgh. Drafted Spence Ware and missed out on handcuffing him with Hunt.

Really looking forward to a Sunday evening with RedZone. Been far too long.


Brady looked really out of sorts last night, but I’m not optimistic enough to think that’ll last all season. Smith looked like Smith but did throw a couple of good bombs - I can’t imagine teams will give Hunt that much room moving forward but I do like the Chiefs so good start overall.


I know it’s only one game, but there is some delicious schadenfreude in the patriots being almost universally annointed as Super bowl champions, only to be bottom of the league after their first game


Kamara… I haven’t paid him much (any) attention, seemed like an already crowded backfield I guess. another potential rookie star?

just did a quick bit of research… seems like he’s going to be a bit of a pass-catching back, then.


The crowded backfield is the thing that could prevent him being a “rookie star” - he’s probably not going to get enough snaps to make a huge dent on the stat lines - but he will definitely be a massive part of the offense. Payton loves using a third, speedy, “Joker” back. The two best Saints teams in his era had Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles in this role, and we never replaced the latter (CJ Spiller / Travaris Cadet just weren’t good enough). People were a bit shocked when we traded up to get a RB but it actually makes a lot of sense.

He certainly looked the part in pre-season despite being used on limited snaps. Was averaging 8.8 yards per carry in one game and went for a 50 yard TD in another. I think Payton was hiding him for the regular season as he’s got a few Kamara-based trick plays up his sleeve.


Woah. We picked up Dorenbos from the Eagles last week, and they discovered this in the medical. Essentially getting traded might have saved his life…

Hope he recovers fully. Scary, though.


Jesus, that’s insane




First time reader and contributor…

Kareem Hunt!