NFL 2018 Pre-season thread



This should probably be 2019 shouldn’t it.

First pre-season game tonight, with the middle linebacker hall of fame show down. I love middle linebackers, possibly my favourite position to watch and hear mic’d up - Urlacher was a big reason why I now follow the bears, and I could watch Kuechly all day.

HoF game itself is always a bit rubbish though tbf (remember when the paint wasn’t dry :’) ) - someone put it well when they said that they get really excited about the first pre-season game all the way up to kick off, when it usually dawns on you how dull it’s going to be (probably due to seeing the starting line up which is a) very likely the best players on that of the ball that you’ll see all game and b) barely recognisable). That said I am looking forward to seeing some of the WR corps the bears have put together, even if it’s just Chase Daniel lobbing it up to them, and some of the concepts that are being tried out. Hopefully not too many runs against 9 man boxes.

Bears camp has been fairly uneventful so far, thank goodness as that mainly means no positional controversy and no major injuries as yet. Just the Roquan Smith issue, which is very irritating as I’d really like to see an elite M/ILB lining up asap. Latest development (no doubt leaked by bears) is that the issue isn’t game based suspensions (they’ll be paid in full) but non-game based ones, and that apparently the agents are trying to use Smith (who both has an impeccable record and a history of standing up for what’s best for himself) to get the thin end of wedge in for other top talented players who might be in need of the guaranteed money even for non-football based suspensions (eg Reuben Foster). Idk. Just hope it gets sorted in the next week or so.


Pre-season games are dreadful, of course, but there’s always a few exceptions. I remember an unknown Antonio Brown tearing it for the Steelers in pre-season ,forcing his way into the starting lineup, and, well. Now he’s Antonio Brown.

Very much looking forward to seeing Lamar Jackson in tonight’s game. The league will be about 9% better all round if he elbows Flacco out of a staring job.


It’s Why Your Team Sucks season, which is the first real sign that the NFL is nearly back. The Giants one yesterday is particularly brutal.


Oh man I’d forgotten about those. Almost always great reads


I submitted an entry for the Lions this year, eagerly anticipating their entry.


Lamar Jackson is such an exciting player, looking forward to the neat ways that… Jon Harbaugh and Marty Morninwheg? Oh God.


The fan entries are my favourite bit, behind all the pageantry it’s nice to see that American sports fans recognise that following a team is supposed to be a bitter and depressing endeavour. The one last year with the Chiefs fan who got so drunk when they lost that his wife divorced him was quite something.


I suspect Deadspin readership has a higher than average level of self-aware fan than a lot of places.


Bills camp has gone to script so far. A crop of new and rookie WRs trying not to suck and the defense, slowly but surely, getting back into rhythm before completely obliterating the O in 11v11 this week. Kyle Williams sacked McCarron on three straight plays. While this is a sign we might be developing a pass rush (adding to LB and the line has helped alot), the fact our O-line now consists of someone not good enough for goddam Oakland and three wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men mitigates that some one.

Allen has been Allen, which is fine; throwing the best throws and worst throws in camp by far. That’s who he is. Really interesting to see if he starts. I hope not. Not because I don’t think he can, but because of our first three games in the regular season:


Three of the best Ds/pass-rushes in the league. Allen would get eaten alive.

Looking forward to seeing Tremaine Edmunds in action, our other first rounder. Boy is a beast. Had his first pick yesterday. Hopefully will become our Kuechly and has been given that responsibility of running the D as the mike linebacker.

Here he is stood next to one of our other linebackers, Matt Milano, who is 6ft.


Someone was talking about the nonsense of drawing conclusions from preseason practice, in that in entails your own team on both sides of the ball. One year the Chicago D was holding its own (if not looking marginally better than) the O in the pre-season, when in the previous season the offence had been top 10 and the defence was 30 or something. Super Bowl here we come!!!

Turns out the offense had gone off like bad milk, both sides of the ball sucked, and it was a terrible year


Yeah it’s a nonsense to do so. A lot of teams trying out stuff as well, which takes time to learn and grow into. Like that vid going around showing Sherman getting burned by Marquise Goodwin. Shanahan said afterwards that even though people are like ‘omg Sherman is busted’ he was jamming the line and trying something else out. No way he would do that to a speedster in a real game.

Offense was beyond miserable last year, so any improvement on that front will be great. Expecting a lot of RPO from what I’ve seen/read.


It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? For every person who does something great at practice, someone on the other side of the ball must’ve failed… The dichotomy is infuriating.


if Sark can stop sucking just a bit, Falcons can be deep in the playoffs again. still so much potential in this team.

although it does feel like any injuries on the D or O line might set us back a bit. not great depth, there.

still absolutely loaded with weapons for Matty, though, and a ridiculously talented secondary.

not sure how much longer the Superbowl window is open for this team, though. as good as drafting seems to be under this management and as well as they are managing finances, some very talented players will be moving on after this season because we can’t pay everyone big $$$.


That’s what everyone said about Minnesota after they signed Cousins, but they keep locking up their stars. It’s terrifying. All I can assume is that if 2-3 go down injured they’ll be in trouble… but then that’s kinda true anyway, and it’s definitely clutching at straws from a rival NFC North team.


The number of great starters the Vikings have through at least 2020 is scary. Fuck those guys.



As a Bengals follower (still can’t really root for the team as long as Joe Mixon is there but at the same time can’t completely disengage from them) what can we expect from Cordy Glenn? Consensus is that he’s an upgrade on Cedric “revolving door” Ogbuehi but I probably would be too.


Go Bills!


I think Falcons have a lot of talented players due to get paid all at once, plus Julio’s contract stand-off seems to have just been… delayed, maybe? I’m not sure, I haven’t been following as closely as I was.

it’s inevitable a team will lose some talent, regardless of how on it their management are with the salary cap, no?


I regret to inform you this is not possible.