NFL 2018 Pre-season thread



Does not disappoint*

*unlike the Texans


A fine left tackle but was just too injured for us the last two years to rely on. Add to that the emergence of Dion Dawkins last year, who essentially made that position his own, and GM Beane’s get rid of anyone on a bloated contract, meant he was always a likely trade candidate.


looking forward to destroying everyone again this year.

have to admit though, we did malcolm butler a bit dirty…


:sweat_smile: yeah… I’m thinking as much.

something with the potential of the Falcons offense needs a Shanahan-sized brain, and, well… it’s not like there aren’t coaches out there who could approximate that, but I don’t get the feeling Sark has much more to offer.

I reckon you’ve got info on his college coaching record to underline this.


He was known as “seven win Sark” for a reason, that says enough I think.




This was as a head coach though, as a co-ordinator he has a bit less influence to drag you down :+1:


It’s nice to have some female voices in the NFL threads for once! Looking forward to this season with the DiS gang :+1:

@Flashinglight you’re a college fan too right? Who’s your team?


Yep, just into college really - I am an Oregon Duck :duck: (really not up to speed for this season yet though). This alignment may explain my dislike of Sark, what with him having been washington HC.

I am going to one of the NFL Wembley games this year though - Titans against someone, purely because I want to see Marcus Mariota :heart_eyes: (he will of course end up getting injured the week before now).

You’re a Michigan State guy, right?


I like the Ducks! I started watching college stuff when Mariota was in his final year and that offence was just ridiculous. I’ve been rooting for him ever since. Wembley is great, you’ll have an awesome time - the Titans are playing the Chargers, so I can see it being a fun game.

I’m MSU thanks to the fact my father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle-in-law and grandmother-in-law are all Spartans, so I couldn’t really do anything else. Been a bit disillusioned what with all the awful stuff MSU athletics has had going on (the Larry Nassar stuff and so on) but will still try and watch them this year. Hard to get the time to watch games on Saturdays AND Sundays though…


Oh, and you might like this:


Looking forward to seeing what Helfrich can do with Nagy and co in Chicago. I will blame you and solely you if it goes wrong.


Oh wow, I didn’t realise he was an NFL OC now, really pleased for him :grinning:

So ling as he doesn’t go crazy with the two point conversions he should do a good job.


Imagine, imagine, being this self-involved.

Nice to see that the first reply was a tap-in.




Corey Coleman for an undisclosed late-rounder.

Very happy with that piece of business.


Yeah, I think it’s a really nice bit of business - given up barely anything I assume (any idea what it is other than ‘low round’?), and he’s had no-one throwing to him when he’s not been injured in the first two years, fills a need too, right?

Always good to cash in on reduced price stock when a new GM comes in and just wants rid of everything that came before him.


TIL: Coleman’s middle name is “Defelious”.


That is a perfectly cromulent middle name.


With this and Joe Thomas retiring the Browns don’t have a single first rounder on the roster that they drafted before last year.