NFL 2018 Pre-season thread



At least they got a decent return on them! Like… checks notes a 2020 seventh rounder for Coleman…


No idea which round, no, but whichever one we’ve done well here. We definitely need speed at WR which coleman will provide, and the ceiling is still v high for him. Loving it


The first rounder they got for Trent Richardson was terrific business to be fair (until they used said first rounder on Johnny Manziel).


Just read it’s a 7th rounder. So pretty much sod all.


There must be something really wrong with him if the Browns are just letting him go for nothing… it’s not exactly like Josh Gordon is wowing people at practices.


I don’t understand that from the browns’ perspective, unless a) they consider him an injury risk (they are wrong) and he is complete poison in the locker room, or b) they have a lot of confidence in Gordon coming back, and are in line for dez or something. I don’t know. I don’t what they get out of this


Yeah, Cleveland must have several reservations about him…I don’t know. It’s weird.


It’s not like a receiver needs working hands or anything, I wouldn’t worry.


Still an upgrade on our current WR corps


Only managed 19 games in the last two years so there might be something to this. Mary Kay Cabot reckons that Todd Haley hasn’t liked his attitude since day one.


Yeah, both broken hands stemming from tryung to track dreadful QB throws. Assuming that isn’t a recurring issue then I’m not overly worried.

Haley issue makes sense.


Come ooooon, Hard Knocks






Josh “Throws really, really hard, just not necessarily where you expect!” Allen will finally unlock Coleman’s potential.


Copycat! :wink:


I just had to make it more explicit how fucked @mildmanneredjanitor’s hopes should be.


No u


Hyg grazing where the fruit hangs lowest. Poor sure.

(I pray they don’t start Allen this year).