NFL 2018 Pre-season thread



they HAVE to be in for Dez, surely?


Trading tyrod was the correct decision, and I hope he does well in Cleveland. don’t @ me.


Surely. Landry is the only senior WR there ATM (assuming still doubts over whether Gordon start).

Also, lol.


Had to be. Lol Browns.


Ok this amount of shade straight after means Coleman’s done.



Josh Allen played well last night.

Still number 3 behind Peterman and McCarron though.


This was my favourite* thing to come from the game, Cam having a word with Kelvin Benjamin, presumably about Kelvin gobbing off to the media about Cam (which he did even when at Carolina)

love the wave off of the other player at the start :’)

*I haven’t seen anything else from the game except for the Josh Allen 4th and 3 retreat and sack


Very much enjoyed this:


yeah that was really good. The full thing is quite funny, but that’s the best bit by a mile. BEST QB EVA


That was magnificent, that. Think KB was off not shaking Cam’s hand, but look proper aggro that. The wave off was simply stunning.

Yep, that play was trash, but apart from that had maybe one or two errant throws. Rest were great, decent almosts or receiver drops. Peterman the best of the three though. Quick and cut them to death with throws underneath before hitting KB for the kill

This throw was great/gave me a heart attack


That is some proper gunslinging throw right there (and 9 times out of 10, a pick. Which I guess is what makes it fun).


Aye, this is what pre-season or even the first season is for innit - and tbh, even if that chase and sack looks bad, what’s the worst that happens? Pick 6 or 40 yard int return I guess, but it’s 4th down, if you get the ball into the endzone and it’s intercepted, who cares? He clearly has a fantastic arm, but I would warn you as an experienced Cutler watcher, it’s not always the best

(I love Jay Cutler)


For sure. Last night on his first throw, the crowd cheered a 60+ yard incompletion (absolute bomb of a throw tbf)


Yep, was just fun watching him throw around and showcase what he has. Clearly has a lot to work on, and is far behind Peterman and McCarron for now, but the good far outweighed the bad for Allen last night in my view, and certainly not as bad as some people would lead you to believe.


Just caught up on Hard Knocks - fuck I feel bad for Hue man, he seems like a really good dude and I can’t believe he stayed in camp. Really rooting for the Browns to at least win a few games this year.


Poor Guice.


Not going to lie, this has been on my mind recently




Just so amazing how this all swelled. Amazing.