NFL 2019 Season: Week 1 Thread

Saints/Texans sounded like a cracker.



Watched this morning. Bloody tense that. Wil Lutz is a really great kicker and Alvin Kamara remains incredibly fun to watch.

Deshaun Watson deserved better though. His offensive line was terrible and the Saints were getting pressure every play but he managed to make some incredible plays, especially on 3rd down. That LT the Texans gave up 2 first round picks for gave up 2 sacks…

Really worried for Watson - looked like he was struggling with injuries a couple of times, and getting back treatment mid-game I think? Tough to get through a full season with that line and probably a bunch of shootouts if you’ve already cricked your back.

Fantastic game though. Great win for the saints, especially with atlanta clearly needing to work out some short circuits, the bucs looking bad, and even if the panthers look good, didn’t get the win.

Guess who wants out of the Browns and on to the Patriots? “I’ve always worn this helmet. Er, watch.”

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Can’t believe I’m about to defend the guy here but this quote makes sense. If gronk could get away with wearing a robocop arm brace for 5 years, surely a ridiculously expensive watch isn’t an issue here.

“You got to look into the rule book. It says you can’t wear any hard objects. The watch is plastic,” he said. “People have knee braces on that are hard and made out of metal. You don’t see them taking them off. Everyone has jewelry on. So, I’m good.”

Oh, I’m sure he can justify it, probably his constitutional right to know what time it is or something. Just a ridiculous thing to draw attention to himself, innit, and get in a big theatrical huff when he can’t wear his watch that costs more than most fans’ houses. Shouldn’t be surprised because they play a game for a living, but they’re just a big bunch of kids really.

oh don’t get me wrong he’s the biggest diva in the league. I wonder if there’s an indiglow feature that can blind a db’s eye’s for a sec at that price. Ridiculous.

Would be absolutely brilliant if it turned out the watch emitted a horrendous high pitched frequency only cornerbacks could hear or something.

Also, plastic? How can a plastic watch be worth several hundred thousand? I love all this stuff, why is it always the receivers? Hope Julio Jones is preparing to demand his chihuahua be signed to the falcons practice squad.

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AB might not be able to wear the No.84 which he covets, love to see how this plays out.

well, that’s the end of that avatar

fucking hell

This is so grim.

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Antonio Brown is the latest milkshake duck huh