NFL 2020 Week V: That's the one thing we didn't want to happen

Would be keen for the Saints to look at Darnold IF Brees retires this year (I think he probably will). Very concerned we’re going to attempt to go with Jameis fucking Winston in 2021, in which case I would have real trouble supporting them.

RIP x2

Updated poll

  • Full 16 game season and playoffs finished on schedule
  • Full season with an extended timeframe
  • Season cut short but completed
  • Season abandoned at some point

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Saints fan here too and i can’t think of many current QBs I’d prefer who look like they’d be available. Unless some draft magic occurs.

Love Taysom but he doesn’t exist.

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The Athletic podcast claimed earlier this week that reliable insiders were already saying that the NFL 100% knows it wont finish the season on time.

If it’s really the case that a 17-week regular season is already 100% off the cards it begs the question why are they going through the motions of pretending that it’s still possible and making teams jump through ridiculous hoops in order to accommodate something that is definitely not going to happen anyway.

Only thing I can think of is that the NFL is still trying to rearrange games within the 17-week framework so that by the end it’s an 18-20 week regular season rather than a 25 week one.

I guess the idea is if you lose one week, push everything along, bin the pro bowl and don’t have a free week after the championship games, you can still have the superbowl on its scheduled date.

No chance that can happen but reckon that’s their thinking atm

Pro Bowl is already cancelled, but I think that having the Superbowl on the same date is probably the aim.

While there’s still the possibility (whatever percentage likelihood you attribute to it) of finishing on time they have to carry on like it will. As of now, only two games have been had to be postponed into later weeks (Colts look like it could be 3 shortly), and we’ve had over 30% of the season.

The problem will come when they get past everyone’s bye weeks and there are still positives, especially if a team does a Titans. Then there’s nowhere else for the games to go but a week 18, or even 19+. Personally I don’t really see what the problem is with that, just push everything back. There seems to be almost a feeling that if the season doesn’t finish on time it’s some sort of failure. Why? Have they all got somewhere to be? The next event booked at Raymond James stadium after the superbowl is Kenny Chesney in May.

Just let him do the half time show. Problem solved.

But yeah I’d think a late feb/early march superbowl with a full season of games is most likely.

Wonder if there are any big players who are done for the season who might get back for a later playoff run

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False positives apparently. Bengals v Colts still happening on Sunday.

Four false positives seems like really bad luck…

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I sort of sneaky wouldn’t mind Gardner either but don’t tell anyone :shushing_face:!

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