NFL 2023 Week 11

just saw Big Boi performing in full Ravens gear. upset me.

Burrow out with a wrist injury. I might write some sort of longform about whether the NFL is sustainable at this point. if teams cannot put together O lines to compete with the speed of pass rushers then we are getting to the point where there will be more 3rd string QBs playing than starters. that is bad for the sport not only because the quality of games is shite but also because teams will be plowing hundreds of millions into players who are on gargantuan guaranteed contracts who aren’t even playing. that’s not even taking into account all the skill players who are injured! there is no way that is a sustainable model.

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Was going to watch a full replay of yesterday’s game tonight but accidentally saw the score and that Burrow got injured so probably won’t bother now. If he’s sprained his wrist badly I hope they shut him down for the year, the Bengals would probably need to win out to stand a chance of reaching the playoffs as it is so would rather get a decent draft pick next year. Looks like Mark Andrews is probably done for the year too, which could potentially mean 3 AFC North teams have lost a key starter on offence in the last week (although I’m not actually sure the Steelers have any key starters on offence to lose).

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Really hope he got a Super Bowl ring

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for the best, he clearly wasn’t fit all season

I think there’s something about QBs playing into their late 30s and even 40s, more than they used to. Both Cousins and Rodgers did their achilles, and it wasn’t really about the pass rush (to my recollection, haven’t gone back and looked).


College football coverage being picked up by Sky now


can’t wait to finally catch my guy Connor Stalions on the sidelines!


Fantasy, flex appeal.

  • Jordan Addison
  • De’Von Achane
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Slightly worried Achane will get eased back in with limited touches.

God that’s an unappealing slate of 6pms.


Guys it’s 4th down, what’s a play that we know works every time? That’s right, it’s a pitch to Mike Boone.

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:bear: :arrow_down:

Tommy Dimes

Just the 5 sacks for Washington in the first quarter. Still losing.

Jared Goff please


For me the best name in sports - Divine Deablo.

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Tommy DeVito and DTR both winning. Not right