NFL 2023 Week 11

Don’t have access to a TV, feels very unthanksgivingsy watching on phone

Jordan Love has a good arm eh

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Have been out at dinner until now, feeling very magnanimous for ignoring the game. Turned it on to see Goff fumbling it on a fourth down. What else have I missed?

Goff fumbling it on various other downs, mostly


Good, good.

We must destroy the moon


Lose, lose, lose
The waxing gibbous

Must be so frustrating following Dallas. Look like the best team in the league against poor teams, top 10 qb, good offensive weapons, good line, great defense, superbowl winning coach, yet never quite look the part against the better teams. No idea what the thing is they need to improve them


i bloody love collinsworth

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Worst editing in the world for Game in 40 for Cowboys Commanders

Jerry Jones dying?

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Yeah I mean noot quite as extreme as that (but still implied) it does feel like a mental attitude block thing about playing for a dinosaur owner and franchise who were once upon a time behemoths but now just sort of saunter about looking vaguely threatening but no longer possess the killer instinct when it truly matters

Just need a bit of luck, IMO. They are one of about six to eight really good teams who could win the Superbowl if things fall the right way. There are only a very few (two?) teams over the last 20 years who have consistently been a level above the competition, and it’s basically been down to having one of the three or four best QBs of all time alongside a HOF coach. If you don’t have that, all you can do is get everything else as close as possible and hope things go right.

They’re the Bills of the NFC, in that they look better than they are because they usually get dealt a quite soft divisional schedule and have a habit of running up the score against their many bad opponents. They then usually wilt in January because the coaching isn’t up to scratch.

The main difference is that they seem to go out of their way to fail as hilariously as possible in the playoffs.


good time to bring this out again

with added videos… (still lol at zeke playing centre)

f**k dallas


Forgot about dickhead Zeke at number 5. Cheered me up.

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I mean, they deliberately employed Jason Garrett as HC for what felt like 12 magical years.

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though I guess the collapsing hilariously in the playoffs might also make them the Chargers of the NFC

Who’d have guessed Tim Boyle wasn’t the answer

EXCELLENT turkey sack celebration from Christian Wilkins right there.