NFL Championship Weekend Thread



Tom Brady is hurt. Everyone in Philly will be wearing dog masks. And Blake Bortles’ real name is Robby.

It’s Championship weekend baby and nothing makes sense anymore!


Hopefully will be Vikings v Jaguars. I think it’ll be Vikings v Patriots though




It’s going to be a massive anticlimax after last weekend if the Vikings lose tomorrow huh


My friend (Burnley fan) used to singing Robbie Blake’s name to the tune of the Pokerface chorus.


This whole Brady thing feels like an elaborate ploy to get previously uninterested people to watch the Jags v Pats game.


I actually dreamt last night that Brady was ruled out and they went QB-less and got destroyed by the Jags and everyone had a good laugh not that I’m obsessed


Phillip Phillips!


Beat me to it!

Such a shite national anthem, such a shite country.


We’re going to be seeing ‘stop stop, he’s already dead!’ posts on Twitter sometime around the second quarter I reckon


Evening. Going to have to watch that Diggs touchdown for eternity, aren’t I? Still not getting any easier.

Despite the fact I was on the losing end, can’t really describe how incredible it was being in the stadium last week. The place was so fucking loud, just complete pandemonium. Met Wendell Pierce (again) a few ex Saints’ players and the bloody Saints’ owner(!) in the hotel bar after and got suitably hammered, which helped. Hoping the Vikes go on to win now as their fans were, for the most part, really cool.

Obviously praying for a Jags win here. First quarter is going to be key.


not only am I a Pats fan, but I’m also a Pats fan that only watches them late in the off season



why has Matt Patricia got a massive american flag on his playcard?


Hopefully this isn’t a repeat of last week’s Patriots-Titans game


Blake bortles, is he elite?




Jags and vikings please


I’ll tell you what fucks me off - when the official announces the penalty with he home crowd in mind. “False start… offence!” Crowd cheers, referee feels validated


I was saying hoo


This is awesome