NFL Championship Weekend


Should be two fantastic games this weekend. Have the pats been suckered in by the complete lack of opposing QB talent over the last 2 months? Can the Falcons keep it going in the face of their stiffest challenge yet? Can the Packers patchwork secondary withstand the falcons aerial bombardment enough (ie below 30 points?) Can the Steelers bring all their potential elements together in one game? Is this the record amount of combined unbeaten runs for a Championship weekend (I think it’s 30 or so)?

Pats - Steelers - Man this is tough to call, but homefield helps the pick a lot. Brady looks awesome, Lewis is BACK, the O-line looks great, the D seems to be doing enough… but then who have they faced in ages who was any good? Goes back to November, when they lost to the Seahawks, gave up 25 to the Bills, and beat the Roethlisberger-less Steelers. This has sneaky shootout potential. If Ben, Bell and Brown get going, this is anyone’s game. If Belichik and the D can nullify one or more of those, this is going to the Pats in a 25-18 win. So I guess the overall pick has to go to NE.

Falcons - Packers - this has whatever-the-most-opposite-word-to-sneaky-is shootuout potential. No secondarys to talk of, the packers D-line has decent outside run stopping, but you’d think the Falcons backs will find a way around or through that. Packers run D a bit weaker up the middle, but not sure if that’s Atlanta’s strength. Stops are going to be MASSIVE. Even giving away field goals will feel like a partial victory (at least to being with), I think. Conversely, I think Atlanta’s pass rush has been a bit flat track bully (to mix sporting terms), and I can’t see Green Bay’s fantastic O-line having too much trouble in the passing game, unless yer man (I forget his name) at guard is struggling (he went off against Dallas for a couple of drives, which was when Green Bay wen nowhere and Dallas started to come back). Who knows with the Green Bay running game, but I think they’ll have enough with both or one of Michael or Montgomery. Plus Rodgers is in unreal form, although they’ll miss Adams and Nelson if they both sit. I think Clay Matthews still has whiplash after last week. It’s gonna come down to a made big play here and missed one there, and even THAT is hard to pick which way it’s going to fall - I did lean towards Rodgers as he’s been making them when needed for weeks now, but losing your main big play WRs is troublesome.

Tl; dr - I haven’t got a clue, but can’t bet against Rodgers atm, so Green Bay.


Both are the games of the team who’ve been more consistently good all season vs. the team who’ve got incredibly hot at the right time. Both could go either way but I’m gunna go for the upset and say Steelers - Packers superbowl


Evil Bill will have a few things up his sleeve that we haven’t seen yet. I think there’s a good chance of some crazy trick play getting wheeled out, and it’ll probably work. Plus he’s going to do absolutely everything he can to stop Bell and make Roehtlisberger have to throw it, but that probably means Brown will have a huge day instead.

Or he might come up with some extreme rule bending nonsense like deflating footballs very slightly for everyone to lose their shit completely over, and we’ll forget all about football until the SB. Hopefully not though.


Steelers - Falcons SB. feels weird, but I finally believe Falcons can go all the way.

the backs will get so much more joy against the Packers defensive line than they did against the Seahawks. really important that they milk the time on possession.

interested to see how the Falcons D copes - gonna need to box Rodgers in. some very strong, athletic playmakers in the secondary, they’ll need to be sharp, and make the tackles count, force some incompletions.


Packers and Steelers to win


Patriots vs Packers for me clive


Falcons vs. anyone for the SB please! Rodgers can get to fuck.

(it’s going to be a Patriots vs. Packers hatewatch, isn’t it?)


Regardless of anyone’s opinions on Atlanta or Green Bay, the neutral’s got to be supporting the NFC team in the superbowl


Don’t get the anti Rodgers/packers thing unless you’re in his division (and even then)


I hate him when he’s playing against the bears obviously, but he’s been the best player in the league over the past 5 years, and is better to watch than either Manning or Brady were at their peak. Don’t know enough about him to make any personal judgements but it’s not like he’s a vocal trump supporter or an actual rapist so that puts him in the top half of QBs in the league


I’m half expecting Trump to turn up at the AFC Championship game.


he comes across quite smug at times, but that’s hardly the worst offence in today’s NFL. Maybe there’s a vague argument for not wanting his confidence to get too high as you play him twice a season, and winning a super bowl would increase his confidence.

But yeah, quite. The family stuff recently has been a bit weird.


The AFC Championship game is basically the GOP nomination race. I’ll be backing the Rubio/Cruz Steelers


I’m a Lions fan. Don’t hate him as a person, acknowledge he’s a phenomenal quarterback, would revere him as a god if he wore Honolulu Blue. He doesn’t however, so hate him.


I don’t hate Rodgers in the same way I hate Brady (Trump boosting thundercunt scudbook) or Roethlisberger (rapist), so if it came to it I’d probably back the Packers anyway…


That’s completely fine


I agree with everything friendofthenight has said.

Though I MIGHT back the Pats over the Packers. Still undecided on that one.


Living in America (I feel good!) I can’t help but be sick of the Pats. If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that they win. I’ll take them over the steelers by at least a TD.

NFC is tough to call. Falcons should win, and I hope they do. But Matt Ryan often loses the game at the end, whereas Rogers, well…he’s just the freakin’ man. Falcons by 3 (i hope)



think Bill Simmons called it right about the family stuff, basically Rodgers is staying clear of it all and it’s probably a case of some family members wanting to pressure/influence things and benefit from his fame. seems like the rodgers family want to drag that shit into the public eye and AR is just keeping his head down.