NFL Divisional Round Thread!


As usual the wildcard weekend was a bit of a turkey, but this weekend promises to be much more exciting with the top seeds in:

9.25pm, Sky Sports
Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons
The matchup which has created the most debate, the falcons are coming off one of their best years ever and have homefield advantage. Only problems are, they have always choked at this stage and the Seahawks are a dangerous team. The falcs only recent playoff win was this exact fixture, but it was against a rookie Russell Wilson and not as complete defence who hadn’t won the big one yet. As I’ve said all week, I fancy the hawks to steal this one, but it will be close.

1amish, Houston Texans vs New England Patriots

Zzzzzzzzz thank god this is the late game cuz I’ll be doing what this game will make me do, catch some z’s. Easy patriots win, nothing to see here.

9.30ish, Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys
Another potential thriller here, the Packers are RED HOT again while the Cowboys were the best team of the year. That said, they’re also a fairly young (and weirdly likeable) squad, and this could well be their undoing. Given how good Rodgers is again, can see them stealing this one too but probably a shoot out.

1amish, Kansas City vs Pittsburgh Steelers
This is an interesting one because these are two talented yet flawed teams. This is maybe Kansas’ best chance at causing an upset in an ice age however the steelers will probably be too much for them. Hardest to call, could go anywhere but I’ll go Steelers in another close one.

Let’s play foot bawl!



From the other thread as I missed this one…

Atlanta 28 - Seattle 35: Falcons stay true to form and find a way to not be as good post season as they were during.

New England 38 - Houston 6: Wish this was tomorrow’s late game because really, what’s the point?

Dallas 31 - Green Bay 34: Cannot wait for this one, but Aaron is probably playing too well to be denied.

Pittsburgh 24 - Kansas City 21: Also could go either way, so am going with the Steelers experience over personal preference.

So glad my preferred games are the early kick offs but gutted tomorrow’s games aren’t scheduled earlier because I can’t see me getting through the Steelers Chiefs when I have a meeting I can’t get out of on Monday morning.

Raiders going to Vegas is weird, but not as weird as LA going back to two teams which is a joke…