NFL Divisional Round Thread


21.35: Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons
01.15: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

21.40: Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys
01.20: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

let’s predict some scores

Atlanta 38 - Seattle 24

a more varied Falcons offense than in the regular season finds a way to be itself, even with the tight Seahawks run defense keeping things tight. the underrated Falcons D snuffs out Ryan Wilson until the fourth quarter, at which point there’s too much to be done.

New England 33 - Houston 13

blowout. the Texans running game fails to make up for their terrible QB situation. Brock makes some big connections, but also throws some interceptions. Clowney and Mercilus keep the score from being too embarrasing.

Green Bay 41 - Dallas 38

shoot-out. Packers with the higher ceiling, and Rodgers turns it on again, even though Zeke gouges them for 150+ rushing and 100+ receiving yards and Cowboys nearly pull it off.

Pittsburgh 30 - Kansas City 24

big plays from Kelce and Hill fail to make up for the unshowy QB play of Alex Smith, whilst Berry and company can’t quite make the difference against the premier RB and WR in the NFL, despite a few more picks from Roethlisberger.

lol idfk. please indulge yourself similarly.

in other, less good news, the Raiders are following money to Las Vegas. bit of a gamble? (sorry).


please be aware that this is the official thread!!



Oh fuck off


I was writing this for ages tbf :pensive: had a good look through the NFL app and everything.


only saw yr thread just after I posted


Atlanta 28 - Seattle 35: Falcons stay true to form and find a way to not be as good post season as they were during.

New England 38 - Houston 6: Wish this was tomorrow’s late game because really, what’s the point?

Dallas 31 - Green Bay 34: Cannot wait for this one, but Aaron is probably playing too well to be denied.

Pittsburgh 24 - Kansas City 21: Also could go either way, so am going with the Steelers experience over personal preference.

So glad my preferred games are the early kick offs but gutted tomorrow’s games aren’t scheduled earlier because I can’t see me getting through the Steelers Chiefs when I have a meeting I can’t get out of on Monday morning.

Raiders going to Vegas is weird, but not as weird as LA going back to two teams which is a joke…


I’m going to have to go out somewhere to watch Falcons Seahawks. got no other means to watch it at the moment, was hoping it’d be on Sky Mix or something. I have to be somewhere early on Sunday, so at least it’ll be done before 1am.

Las Vegas is weird… I mean, I guess all I know about the place is of a bunch of casinos out in the middle of the desert. I wouldn’t have thought it’d be anywhere near as good as Oakland as a football kind of place?


Yeah, it seems odd, although it’s all business and I don’t know that the raiders have sold all of their season tickets out since going back (this year might have been the first year), even though they have a strong fan base.

The Chargers move is just rubbish though, no idea what that’s about.


I guess the Raiders have a bigger fanbase, there are Raiders fans absolutely everywhere. they’ve been historically intinerant anyway.

whereas the Chargers and San Diego seemed inseperable.


the Steelers Chiefs game is probably the most fascinating game of the weekend. not the most adrenaline-pumping game of the weekend, obviously, but the Chiefs are… maybe a connoiseur’s team? is that a thing in the NFL?


Yeah it’s a thing and I know what you mean by it. “Pure” football if you will


Wish the Steelers game was tonight. I’d sleep all day tomorrow if I could but I know my body clock won’t let me…


Pretty disappointing that the Chiefs/Steelers has been put back 7 hours, meaning no 6pm Sunday football. Ah well, my mother-in-law is visiting anyway, so I’m kidding myself if I think I’d have been watching it.


:slight_smile: pure football, I like it.

I’m still reeling from the faked punt they did against the Falcons in the regular season. and obviously they have the most electric special teams player in the league in Tyreek Hill.

I think they’re going to need a couple of picks returned for big yards in addition to some big punt returns, really. most of the time, it seems like their offense relies on after-the-catch yards from Kelce and Hill?


Atlanta 24 Seattle 21
New England 31 Houston 7
Kansas City 10 Pittsburgh 14
Dallas 21 Green Bay 34


Dream first drive.


Falcons really can’t afford to let them anywhere near the red zone. that’s the one aspect of the defense that is still in a bad way.


What a fun first quarter. Still backing the Seahawks but glad to see both offences moving the ball confidently.


love that TD. you’d except Freeman to punch it in 90% of the time, but nah, here you go Julio :slight_smile: