NFL Divisional Round thread


Rams @ Packers
Ravens @ Bills
Browns(!!!) @ Chiefs
Bucs @ Saints

Predictions, betting, Coaching Carousel™etc. chat below.

Cba doing polls but think Ravens v Bills and Bucs v Saints will be the most and least watchable games respectively.

Tavon Austin! Forgot he existed.

Anybody know if the radio play by play is available anywhere online (in the UK)?


Why is Sean McVay covering his mouth with his play card? Has he forgotten he’s wearing a mask?

Evening. Looks Like it’ll be a good game

Was gonna drink a beer but got a headache.

Severely doubting I’ll make the Ravens game but goddammit I’d like to

Aaron Rodgers is good at tossing the ol pigskin isn’t he. Think this is over already



Green Bay
Kansas City
Tampa Bay

love it when someone is pump-faked out of their shoes

Kevin Burkhardt and Daryl Johnston are so much better than Buck and Aikman (who I imagine will be calling the geriatricbowl tomorrow night).

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Don’t mind aikman generally. Buck is shit though

Do you reckon they stand up all game?

I often wonder this. Matthews and Collinsworth get little stools (probably because they have a combined age of about 170) but not sure about the rest.

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Just always found it a bit odd. Fair play to them if they do.

Impressive drive. Was concerned the game was effectively done at 16-3

#1 defense looking like the Texans there

I always forget I have live NFL on my cable package

it’s half time … is this game any good? Worth opening a packet of crisps and settling in for the 2nd half?

Just need Aaron Donald to bat one pass down and do the patented JJ Watt finger-wag on the only play of a touchdown drive that doesn’t net double digit yards.