NFL Divisional Weekend thread (2019-20 season)

Saturday 9.35pm:
Vikings at 49ers

Saturday 1.15am:
Titans at Ravens

Sunday 8.05pm:
Texans at Chiefs

Sunday 11.40pm:
Seahawks at Packers

Looks very, very, very home winny this week.


Let’s face it, that would make an awesome last 4 to watch.

Yeah, Chiefs will save the Andy Reid playoff disaster for the championship game. I think if any home team is vulnerable it’s the Packers if only because I can just see the gifs of furious looking Aaron Rodgers now

Agreed, but I don’t think the Seahawks have much left in the tank. It’s fun to see Marshawn Lynch out there, but I highly doubt he is going to do much more than the occasional morale-boosting stiffarm at this stage. Wilson will have to do it all by himself, which of course he is still highly capable of doing.

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Yeah, hard to look past the top seeds here. Agree that the Seahawks have the best chance of an upset, but that line is going to struggle against the Packers defensive front and as much as we’ve all enjoyed Marshawn Lynch coming back he looks like he’s running through treacle these days.

Got a feeling the Titans will trouble the Ravens a little more than people might expect, but they need Tannehill to produce consistently at a high level, and if he could do that he wouldn’t have ended up at the Titans. The other two will be laughers, Reid’s smart enough and the Chiefs are talented enough to just play around Watt and Mercilus and target all the average ones.

Someone sound the “winning culture” klaxon

@NeilYoung you have our sympathies at this difficult time.


Amazing how the answer is never to be smarter, it’s always to be more physical. You know, like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and Aaron rodgers.


Is this the US equivalent of how the England football team just lacks passion and that’s why they can’t win


Definitely. A variation on the theme that you can consistently win games and have an edge by just trying harder than the other teams, even though they all think that too.

I actually quite liked his initial press conference…

I agree entirely, but why do they think that’s what everyone wants to hear? Why not “I’m really smart and I’m going to scheme everyone else into the sea”? Probably because then it’s all their fault if it goes wrong I suppose, can’t then blame the players for not being tough enough.

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Heart says Texans (obvs), Titans, 49ers, Seahawks

Head says Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers, and 50/50 in the Hawks/Packers game.

Haven’t had the chance to see too much of the Packers but from what I have seen and read they might be the least inspiring first-round-bye since Wade Phillips’ Cowboys? Will likely be proved wrong now but could easily see them crashing out on Sunday.

Obviously the Chiefs are heavy favourites on Saturday for good reason. Best all-round QB in league is very likely to victimise one of the worst secondaries in the league, they have a far superior HC and far superior defence overall. But if we get Fuller back we have a 10% chance of sneaking out a shock win. Drops to about 5% if not because you can never truly count Watson and Hopkins out. After last week I’m just happy to be along for the ride :blush:

Pub quiz question: not including quarterbacks, which 3 players earned the most money in the last decade? I read this today and was quite surprised.

Big Ben
Russell Wilson
Aaron Rodgers

(not including quarterbacks)


Oh whoops!

Sheesh thats a tough one. My guess.

Geno Atkins
Von Miller
Terrell Suggs


If you include QBs one of these is correct.