Nfl divisional weekend thread

Thought I might as well make a new thread. Let’s get chatting.

London games being announced as I type - couple of potentially tasty ones up so far:

Eagles v Jags
Seahawks v Raiders

Quite fancy the Eagles Jags game. Would be even better if the Jags can replace Bortles before then.

Titans v Chargers too. Three fairly interesting looking games - some mistake, surely? Wouldn’t have put it past them to somehow give us Browns v Browns.


Didn’t realise it was just the three this year. Not a bad line-up.

How much are the ‘cheap’ seats for the London games usually? I would very much like to see the Titans Marcus Mariota

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Something like £70?

Sheesh :grimacing:

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Tell a lie, apparently last year you could upper tier endzone seats for £40:

Oh, £40 isn’t too terrible, even if sitting at he end is probably a bit rubbish :thinking:

it was three this year wasn’t it?

Just pretend you’re a formations nerd who really likes the all-22 view for diagnosing complex coverage and route trees.


Four last year.

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Dunno, I think they’re taking us seriously now. I mean FS West Coast teams (admittedly who struggle to fill their stadiums) are hosting out here now… I feel the UK franchise may be another step to reality…

really?! fuck’s sake :smiley:

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By the way you could have at least given a run down of the games if you were gonna spunk your load making a new thread. JUST SAYIN :wink:

Figured someone would pop them in an old thread once they were announced, plus I had a plan to kick off with a “rank which remaining teams you’d most like to win the SB” post, but I’m easily distracted.

I meant for this weekend

I’ve paid as little as £45 before and it’s been fine - sitting high up isn’t that bad for a good overview of the game tbh.

Can see myself going to all 3 of those games… funny how the Seahawks are the team on that list that have the most grounds to improve on before October!


Ah yeah. Well, plenty of time!

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They go insanely quickly.