NFL Fantasy 2018

Bonjour my fantasy chums, it’s time to fire up excel and prepare your big draft boards, fantasy will be back soon. We need to get cracking to make sure the ups and downs are taken care of, see who’s joining, who’s quitting, who’s left the boards or what.

First, here’s the Hall of Fame.

Next, your commissioners as they stood at the end of last year.

Div 1 - The_Excession
Div 2 - @spit-fire (promoted, so a volunteer to run div 2 is needed)
Keeper - @brusma_NFL

Division 1 managers: Staying up from last year are The_Excession, @brusma_NFL, @kenako, @tea_seagull, @Ichor, @hip_young_gunslinger, @jont2001, the manager of Maimed in Kelce (sorry, can’t track you down, @mildmanneredjanitor maybe? ), @dstean.

Please indicate your willingness to continue ASAP! And if you didn’t have a team last year and want one, shout, you’ll doubtless get in somewhere.

Promoted from Div 2 to div 1 are 2x former champ @colonel_getafe, @spit-fire, and @anon50098204.

Relegated to Div 2 are @aggpass, @steved and @yeahbitterns.

I don’t know who’s in Div 2, you’ll have to sort it out yourselves.

Would very much like to continue to play in Div 2 and the keeper league if my terrible performances last year don’t preclude it. If no-one else wanted to do it I could look into being Commissioner for Div 2 (but seriously, if someone else is keen I’d be happy for them to do it)

I have already changed my team name to Brannigan’s Big Book of Blitzes in order to inspire a more atracking philisophy.

Yep, I’m in for Div 1 and for the Keeper

Will happily be in for Div 1 again. Might finally retire the Wapping Dockers moniker as I haven’t lived in Wapping for a while… time to go for a classic pun name.

Kerryon Camping perhaps?

I’m good for Div 1 and Keeper and when we have a new Div 2 commish candidate, hit me up and I’ll transfer the power!

Will post who I believe makes up the people remaining in Div 2 shortly.

I’d only like to keep one of the two teams I have (Div 1 and keeper), preferentially the keeper team.

If it helps at all, I usually try to keep my pun names away from my team’s current players, because I am 100% convinced that I doom them to mediocrity or injury.

As if the Lions aren’t plenty doomed enough.

The Staffew Mathords it is!

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Div 2 teams who are staying put
@wilykit, Built to Spillers, @escutcheon, @coolerthantv, Henne I Shrunk The Kids, @trumpet, @FKA_Adam_Jeffson, @incandenza & @badmanreturns

Going to look for users for the two teams that I have not tagged the users now.


I think I’ve worked out who it is actually, think it’s our cuban_dictatstro in exile. If anyone knows him give him a nudge to see if he’s playing.

Hey, I’m out. Totally lost interest in the NFL and can’t watch the games. No idea what is going on.

Sorry team. No point taking up a spot or two like a did last year like a proper dickhead.

Cool. I’ll remove your team now

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@Aggpass, @Steved @yeahbitterns
If you drop your emails to me in a DM I can add you to div2 before I go.
@mildmanneredjanitor if you weren’t in either league already I can add you to Div 2 should you wish. Just DM me.

I’m in.

Checked for the untagged users. Both mailed me from the fantasy mailing system last year without giving their identities, so hopefully they see this soon and identify themselves.

@Aggpass your invitation is sent

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Out I’m afraid, didn’t have nearly enough time for this last year and this year isn’t looking any different. Both my keeper and div 2 teams are free to whoever would like them.

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Definitely in for div 1

Built to Spillers has changed their team name to Stirling Shepherds and confirmed they will be playing in div 2 this season. I still don’t know who the owner is though!

Brett Favre’s retirement has been bleak