NFL Fantasy 2018



got a 12th person. @The_Excession check your messages


Sorry guys, it’s a shambles. Invited jon tosh’s mate, hopefully he’ll sign up asap.

No idea who left suddenly, been away all weekend so haven’t kept an eye on it, but we had 12 last week.


In the mean time, emergency poll.

  • Tonight, 10pm. Bleurgh.
  • Later this week, TBA

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I know, it wan’t aimed at anyone really. Just an annoying situation isn’t it.


It has pissed me right off, I can tell you.


These things happen I guess. Don’t anyone let it get you down. It will get done somehow.


my man is in and he’s up for 10pm


We’re 5-2 (including jontosh’s mate) to carry on tonight. I would guess brusma is the one who bailed, not sure though.


Don’t get why he would do that intentionally. He hadn’t made any secret of not being arsed about DiS fantasy though.


@Ichor, @dstean, @tea_seagull, any of you around?


Doubt he did it deliberately, but whoever it is could at least have mentioned it. I know he quit keeper not long ago, which is why I think it’s probably him.


Why does someone leaving cancel the draft? Seems like a flaw.


Daft, innit? I had no idea it would happen. Would make sense to just autodraft a team.


In other fantasy NFL fiasco news, couldn’t get to my ESPN league draft (@trumpet) either, but set my rankings beforehand. It has drafted Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees for me, so… I’m set at QB, I guess. But it also drafted McKinnon, and I have basically one receiver. Sigh.


was wondering what happened there. You didn’t come up as auto-drafting


I’ve often heard legend of the all QB draft strategy - get all the big names, then trade them out… good luck with it!


Anyone else having troubles trying to get into the league or is it just me?

Ignore me, just took some time. In now


Been a bit shaky all evening for me.


I’m in, lads.

Eighth spot. Oof. Tricky.


feel like 9th really fucked me in div 2 ha. team looks… fine.