NFL Fantasy 2018



12th in the Div2 draft feels very unsporting and unlike the NFL draft order system given how poorly I did last year


Well done Div oners. wrapped in less than an hour. Absolutely atrocious, but I managed to remain free of drafting any NFC North rivals, which is of course the main thing.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had the draft down as tonight, I spent last night prepping doing mocks :’(


Say Helu Wave Goodbye - Keeper (predicted 4-10)

QB Kirk Cousins
RB Marshawn Lynch, Leonard Fournette, Alfred Morris, Bilal Powell, Jordan Wilkins
WR AJ Green, Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Corey Davis, Allen Hurns, Josh Doctson
TE Trey Burton
K Jake Elliot
DEF Denver Broncos

Always felt a pick behind with the run on running backs early which left me with a number of players I had no real intention of drafting, - Kirk Cousins, Trey Burton, Allen Robinson & Denver Broncos. Could work out, one of Hurns, Doctson or Davis will work out I reckon but am probably going to need a good pick up off waivers at RB fairly early on. I am very keen on Marshawn Lynch this year though which is just as well because I’ve got him in nearly all my drafts.

Say Helu Wave Goodbye - Div 1 (predicted 3-11)

QB - Drew Brees
RB - Marshawn Lynch, Joe Mixon, Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram, Jordan Wilkins
WR - Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Corey Davis, Kelvin Benjamin, Geronimo Allison, Quincy Enunwa
TE - Trey Burton
K- Jake Elliot
DEF - Minnesota Vikings

Really like this bunch. The early run on running backs left me with the chance to snag Michael Thomas to go along with Antonio Brown and once Ingram comes back from suspension I look solid enough at running bac. Ended up with Trey Burton again which I’m comfortable with, the Bears haven’t spent a load of money on him not to use him. 3 high profile Saints may be a bit of an issue, we’ll see.




Wapping Dockers - Div 1 (predicted 5-9)

QB - Matthew Stafford
RB - LeSean McCoy, Kerryon Johnson, Giovanni Bernard, Corey Clement, Marlon Mack
WR - DeAndre Hopkins, TY Hilton, Marvin Jones, Rishard Mathews, DeVante Parker
TE - Delanie Walker, Jared Cook
K - Harrison Butker
Def - LA Chargers

Not really sure what to make of this. Eighth spot felt tough, no real blue chippers at that point so everything feels like a reach. RBs are very boom or bust. And obviously having three Lions is a recipe for disaster (it’s coming home, it’s coming…)


To be fair, could be worse for an autodraft team. Think I’ll need to tinker but I did alright with Zeke.

D Watson
E Elliott
K Dixon / T Cohen
D Thomas
A Green
T Kelce
G Tate
G Zuerlein
Rams DST


I think that looks very tidy. Zeke / AJ / Kelce is a nice trio. And your algorithm took Watson just before I was about to.


Ah, guess it wasn’t you that’s disappeared then! Yeah, you’ve not done too bad with the old Autodraft there, an entirely functional first team by the looks of it.


Oh and the person who drafted James Connor in the 15th round of keeper is very clever indeed. His excellent pre-season suggests he’ll be picking up plenty of Lev Bell’s slack when Bell is employed elsewhere next year.


I would have waited and stuck with a later round Big Ben. Once I’ve got the lay of the land and worked out where I’m weak I may be open to trades. Will give you a shout.


I changed the date from Sunday to Monday, must have read wrong or seen another draft date!

Yeah not too bad, bit weak on the RBs apart from Zeke. Mostly annoyed because I was really looking forward to doing the draft been researching for weeks!


Really pleased with my draft. Found some depth for my bench while people were drafting kickers and got strong WRs and TE. Was never going to get a ‘star’ RB drafting at 12th but happy enough there as well. QBs are solid and will see how Cam gets on.


Draft Grade: A+
Projected Record: 11-3

QB: C Newton, J Goff
RB: M Gordon, P Barber, D Booker, A Jones, D Lewis,
WB: J Jones, A Cooper, K Cole, M Goodwin, S Watkins
TE: Z Ertz
DEF: Broncos
K: Prater


Think Goodwin and Watkins are good pickups (Goodwin was another one who went just before I was going to take him).


Prater is a good kicker as well!


I know, I got him with the very last overall pick of the draft. Don’t understand why people were going for kickers two rounds earlier?!


I almost took Prater in the last round but decided four Lions was just silly.


And borderline treasonous really


Came here to make a 3 lions joke.


Well, a good kicker can get you more than a bottom end RB/WR. However, there are almost enough good kickers to go around.