NFL Fantasy 2018



Brannigan’s Big Book of Blitzes - Keeper

QB - Philip Rivers
RB - Carlos Hyde
RB - Alex Collins
WR - Marvin Jones
WR - Juju Smith-Schuster
Flex - LeSean McCoy
TE - Tyler Eifert
DEF - Philly Eagles
K - Wil Lutz

Bn - Chris Carson (RB, Seattle)
Bn - Tevin Coleman (RB, Atlanta)
Bn - Theo Riddick (RB, Detroit)
Bn - Robby Anderson (WR, J-E-T-S)
Bn - Ted Ginn (WR, NO)
Bn - Calvin Ridley (WR, Atlanta)

Draft Grade - B
Proj Record - 9-5
Proj Finish - 5

Not too unhappy with that. Think the draft assessment of “GAMBLING EARLY” is a bit cheeky seeing as LeSean McCoy at 2 overall was entirely the autodraft when I was logged out!

Brannigan’s Big Book of Blitzes - Div2

QB - Philip Rivers
RB - Jordan Howard
RB - Dalvin Cook
WR - Marquise Goodwin
WR - Devin Funchess
Flex - Carlos Hyde
TE - Jared Cook
DEF - Los Angeles Rams
K - Greg Zuerlein

Bn - Dak Prescott
Bn - Lamar Miller
Bn - Latavius Murray
Bn - Nelson Agholor
Bn - Robby Anderson
Bn - Courtland Sutton

Draft Grade - B
Projected Record - 4-10
Projected Finish - T9

Less happy about this one. Picking 12th was not fun and meant I frequently lost concentration after my back-to-back picks every 2 rounds. Think it’s better than the projected record but still


but also quite a clever satire


Love that both a 9-5 and 4-10 projected record can result in a B draft grade. Proper DiS album reviews stuff


Saw Amari Cooper go very high in a couple of drafts yesterday, which seems odd to me. Are people just hoping that last year was a blip?


Getting rinsed by NFL drafter thing.

^ D2 draft. Decided after Beckham fell to me I’d go WR heavy early, which obviously isn’t great, but I’m willing to die on that hill as I think my WR/TE/Flex is prob the best set in the div. Apparently this is a C draft with a projected record of 1-13, last place finish.

^ KEeper draft.This was an absolute shitshow stemming from the fact I thought the draft started half an hour later than it did. Quelle surprise that I turn in and we’re already in the fifth round. dislike my rb stuation intensely, and hate that it auto-drafted Greg Olson high.

Draft graded at D+, 0-14 and projected last place.


Probably hoping for more end-zone work with Crabtree gone.


That’s fair, hadn’t clocked that.


How did you end up with Hopkins and Beckham?


A combined 1-27? It’s absolutely done you there, that would be a hell of a year! No idea what you’ve done to offend them, especially that first one, looks absolutely fine for a 12 team league.


I didn’t end up with any shares in him but thought he’s a good low floor/ high ceiling guy in the 3rd. I much referred Doug Baldwin as a safer option with a similar ceiling in the same range tbh.

However, I can see the logic. The talent is there, Carr may be a little more consistent this year and Crabtree has gone meaning he is definite top dog for the Raiders.

If you dig a little deeper Gruden has form for feeding his no. 1 target as well.


at the 1.11 Drafted Hopkins in the first and Beckham on the return. Couldn’t believe beckham fell that far but I guess people are so running-back focused these days.


Honestly I’ll disappointed if I don’t go 1-27 now. Expectations are low.

(Yeah same, was well happy with my D2 draft. Hey hum).


Div 1:

A, 10-4, 4th place. Doesn’t seem to mind that I’ve left myself with almost no receivers. Hopefully Jones and/or Penny come good and I can trade for a receiver later on. Kept getting sniped for TEs so ended up with probably 2.5 games of Eifert during the season.


A-, 12-2, 3rd. Hanging on to Gurley, Cook and Gronk makes life a lot easier. As mentioned above, this was a nightmare draft in the car, on reflection it doesn’t look so bad. Didn’t notice I drafted Ronald Jones in both leagues, I guess I’m ALL IN on him this year. Had absolutely no plans to draft him. RB depth is shocking, that’s keeper for you though.

Overall I rate this year’s drafting experience a D-.


V happy with my receivers;


Less enamoured with my rbs.

Think I need jimmy g (no, the other one) to turn into a red zone monster with Rodgers to be competitive though.


Mixed bag, got Jimmy Graham in both my leagues so guaranteed to get crocked


Thank the lord that you have the never injured Tyler Eifert backing him up then!


Genuinely can’t read his name without seeing it as Tyler Eif-hurt.


Yep, that’s me. Considering Bell still isn’t reporting and as you say, the reports are that this is probably the last season Bell is at the Steelers. Hopefully, Connor goes off this season and they trade Bell to another team mid-season.


MVPeterman named Bills starter week 1.

Buckle up.


I don’t think there’s any chance of Bell not reporting (though that could be the hopeful Steeler in me) but you’ve probably got a first or second round value keeper for next year for 15th Round. I don’t see the Steelers going running back high in the draft next year given Connor and Jalen Samuels pre-seasons. I don’t think there’s any chance Bell will be in Pittsburgh next year, someone else will pay him in free agency.

Bell also has to be one of the biggest injury risks in football this year so you may even get immediate pay off.