NFL Fantasy 2018



Agree there, think it’s just a lot of posturing really. Steelers really should pay the man. Yeah, they went in for his replacement this year and might have them.

Agreed, not practicing sees injuries happening.


How are the Bell owners feeling?


Urlacher Faith is Disturbing (keeper)

Qb - Newton
Rb - Hunt*, d Freeman*, K Johnson, Booker, A Jones
Wr - Brown*, Adams, Jackson (soon to be John Ross via waivers), Crowder, Moore
Te - Ertz, Kittle
Def - jags
Kicker - goatkowski

Auto drafted, so could have been a lot worse. Injuries aside, just the flex spot is a concern, but happy to have Johnson in case he turns out good and a decent keeper next year.

Gruden to the Beat, Div 1

qb - luck, mahomes
Rb - Gurley, howard, Royce freeman, John Kelly, Morris
Wr - hogan, Evans, Edelman, Agholor, John brown
Te - Rudolph
Def - Ravens (mainly for week 1, sorry @mildmanneredjanitor @ghostpony :wink: )
Kicker - Boswell

Totally fluked into actually being there for the draft, in a weird reflection of those who couldn’t make it. Missed the first pick, but I guess I’ll make do with Gurley II. Bit of a chance with Capt. Andrew Luck, but think mahomes will be a good fantasy qb if not real life (interceptions matter less). Happy with starting line up, like this team a bunch.


Had to autodraft in my in-laws league as it was in the middle of the night for me. Very concerned about the RB situation here, but hey, at least I got the two top defences!


Big fan of the weather guide


Yeah, Yahoo in general is a pain though, took me fucking ages to log back into my account.


Drafted my work league last night, I was pretty happy with it last night but looking at it now…might be a bit risky.

D Brees
R Freeman
S Barkley
D Baldwin
R Woods
G Kittle
D Johnson
Lions DST

D Booker
K Johnson
J Crowder
D Parker
K Stills
J Washington

Am I a mad man?


It’s a small thing, but the Lions defence is going to be a tire fire, you can almost certainly get a better one off waivers or stream through the season (though they might do okay against Darnold’s Jets this week).


D JOhnson David or Duke?

Not a fan of your WR corp must say, doubt Parker or Washington will amount to much (the latter because of opportunity, the former because he’s horseshit).



Yeah I regret getting Parker, it was a panic pick but there isn’t much on the waivers at the moment. I’m going to keep an eye out for someone to breaks out.


I’m thinking of streaming them. I largely got them because I’m a Lions prediction-wise the DSTs on the board were much of a muchness. I may pick up the NE DST after week one.

…This was for @hip_young_gunslinger


No worries, happy to slam your choice of d in his stead :+1:


Amendola might be sneaky if he’s available, he’s going to get a lot of targets in the slot now that Landry has gone.


No such luck, top 3 (projected) on the waiver are Tyell Williams, Quincy Enunwa and Jermaine Kearse.


Quincy might be a shout. Anderson will be covered by Slay this week and the rest of the Lions secondary is, as @hip_young_gunslinger would say, trash.


We did offer to make him the highest paid running back in the NFL by $6m a year which I thought was well over the top considering running back’s relatively low positional value in NFL terms.

And it very much looks like Connor starts week 1 now. I managed to pick him up in all my non-DiS leagues!


I can see where Bell is coming from, as I feel that true bell cow RB’s should be paid more than that. They make the passing game flow a lot easier.

Same here, I managed to get him in every league I’m in as luckily they all drafted before this all blew up


Hypothetical: if you own bell, would you look to trade him given the current situation and if so what for?


(I don’t own bell anywhere and am not looking to acquire fwiw)


Maybe put the feelers out, but I doubt you’d get much more than an RB2 for him, probably from someone with another RB2 to play whilst this situation plays out. What would you trade for him?

Maybe if someone has the ‘only care about winning, 3rd place is pointless’ they’d go for it. Anything could happen from here in terms of Bell imo.

Where would you draft Bell in a draft today?