NFL Fantasy 2018



I’d trade for Bell immediately if someone wanted to part with him.


If I can trade an RB2 to get Bell I am doing that every single time without a care in the world.

In terms of what I would trade for him, I’d prob a low end RB1. McCaffrey. Freeman. I’d trade those for Bell.

I’d still draft bell top five or six.


Low end RB1 is probably right actually. At this stage I think I’d draft Hunt, Gordon, Barkley over him, seems to be getting really toxic in Pittsburgh. But probably still most likely he comes back in to that team and plays a lot. I just don’t like the uncertainty


I have freeman in two leagues and would have put an offer in to the bell owner in each, only he’s playing tonight which messes it up.


Understand it and in agreement. Uncertainty is a risk but I think he will play the vast majority of games. Him and the o line will hug it out.




How many games did Zeke miss last year? Four? I think I drafted him in the second anyway. Would probably treat Bell similarly.


You got Zeke in the second round!?


Last year, yeah. I think…


Ah ok, I thought you meant you got him this year in the second


I wouldn’t go anywhere near Bell at the moment. If he’s worried about overuse and injury ahead of free agency next year there’s every likelihood we won’t see him until week 9 or 10.

I’d at least wait and see how James Connor goes in week 1. He had an excellent pre-season and would have probably been borderline 1st round were it not for the cancer. DeAngelo Williams was fantastic in this offence the year Bell went down early. Depending on my depth at RB I’d be thrilled with a RB 2 with upside for him.


I’m personally very happy I didn’t get the chance to draft him. I wouldn’t touch him at this point, people are saying we might not see him for 10 weeks.

That said, I wish all this had happened a more than a week ago, if i could have gotten in the second round I’d been happy.

In other news, I hope the Ajayi owner didn’t leave him on the bench!


Ah! We. A fellow Steeler?



Sorry, Lion here. It’s a curse that I put on myself but I’ve gotta stick by it. They happen to be the biggest team close to Windsor (in Canada though not Berkshire) so…


Non DiS league start/ sit question this week.

Two from three

Jamaal Williams vs CHI
James Connor @ CLE
Lamar Miller @ NE


Conner and Miller for me.


Apparently the weather in Cleveland for Sunday is like, 25mph winds and 2 inches of rain per hour average.

Short passing/running ftw.


Would hate to be going into that game without your best running back because you’re a bunch of tight-fisted imbeciles.

Then again would love to be going into any game against the Browns

Edit: sorry if Wolfcastle


Tightfisted? We offered to make him the highest paid back in the NFL by $6m. That’s 155ish% of any other running back. He’s not thaaaaaaaat good.

We’ll not find a running back as good as Bell but we don’t need to. I can’t remember the last time a team with a feature, bellcow type back won the superbowl, let alone a top 2 or 3 back. They wear down early in their careers compared to other positions and rookies regularly come in first year and do well (unlike other offensive skill positions.)

The Steelers front office gets it right way more often than it gets it wrong. We’ve had like 3 losing seasons since the early 70’s.


Apologies, Mr. Colbert. I didn’t realise that you read the boards