NFL Fantasy 2018




Enjoy playing for The Jets next year Le’veon.


Think the cruelest place for a RB to end up these days is Seattle (or Houston) by the sounds of it


Making ultimately pointless roster changes, waiving future stars and building several pointless DFS lineups.

Let’s go!


hahaha. I’m pretty set with most of my lineups, the only one I’m really unsure about (3 way toss up) is my flex against you!


Ha I think it’s more out of habit. A few flex issues but nothing that doesn’t come down to overthinking!

Tough decision for you there in flex!


It’s a nice problem to have in a way, better to have 3 options than one (or just fliers), but I can 95% guarantee I’ll pick the wrong one and lose by 1.2 points


Playing against LeSean McCoy in all three leagues today. 45 yard receiving touchdown nailed on.


Who’s Henne I shrunk the kids. If I beat you this week you’ve been absolutely had


My god, that was painful to watch last night. Streatham Redhawks did not have a good start to this season. :’’’’’(


Drafting Hauschka as K and the Saints D for all my teams this year could have gone better.


So James Connor was as advertised in the pre-season. However, he fumbles backed up on the goaline to let the Browns back in it at 21-7.

And which star NFL running back currently at home working on his rap album rather than trying to win a superbowl routinely has one of the lowest fumble rates in the NFL?


Anyone else play DFS when the NFL is on?

My best from yesterday, all hit bar Hogan. Still managed to place decently (Only play the free/25 cent comps on the fly but it’s a bit of fun)


Same line up also got me a ticket for the millionaire maker, which is nice.


I spend big in the $1 games, hence the above.


And I thought I was making it rain with my $1.25 win.

(nice one)


Pretty tough to do well though, I nailed basically every pick and still finished a long way back. Top ten was made up of people who picked Fitzpatrick. That was never really on my radar. :man_shrugging:


Yeah it’s a crap shoot but it’s fun. I’m usually quite happy if i get money back tbh. Don’t think I’d want to be the person entering dozens of line ups per comp to cover all bases :confused:

How fitz was in any lineups is lol.


Same for me. This is the one and only lineup I submitted, so I’m happy with that. Paid for the next 5 weeks.


Currently 0.02 points behind Joey JoJo Junior McAdoo

JJJJM has zero players left to play. I have Robert Woods left to go.

I look forward to him scoring 0.00 points.


Think it’s not really fair to be portraying Bell’s decision to sit out as something he’d rather be doing. I hear your arguments about his contract above and in the other thread, but as I see it Pittsburgh’s offer of $10 million guaranteed (which is less than he’d make on the franchise tag and less than a lot of inferior running backs) was pretty insulting. Even fucking LeSean McCoy would get nearly double that guaranteed money this year, and he’s in a zimmerframe!

Furthermore, if Le’Veon had taken Pittsburgh up on their offer he’d be looking like a total chump now that Gurley and Johnson’s contracts are done. He’s at least as good as those two if not better, and y’all should be paying him accordingly. So I’m going to have to put this one down to Pittsburgh’s front office.

The team have done a pretty good job of controlling the narrative in the media to make him look bad, but I found that this explains it quite nicely

Not going to lie, it put a big grin on my face seeing the Steelers embarrass themselves against the flipping Cleveland Browns at least in part as a result of all this.