NFL Fantasy 2018



I REALLY look forward to him scoring 0 points.

Slightly embarrasing that I’m going to lose with Kamara and Brady, but my WRs are disastrous.


I’d be cursing the Saints D personally (and if I lose, I’ve decided I’m blaming Jimmy Graham)


I hear you. I’ve loved watching Bell in Pittsburgh but I just don’t think he’s worth the risk of the guaranteed money he’s after. I note the article doesn’t mention the two suspensions. He’s also had more than his fair share of injuries. Whilst Pittsburgh do rarely pay more than a year of guaranteed money, they have an excellent track record of honouring these contracts even with guys that have dropped off significantly, the last two years of Polamalu being a prime example. A similar deal was good enough for AB. But I do understand Bell’s position.

However, an ancient DeAngelo Williams looked like a top 5 back in this offence and now a 2nd year guy in his first NFL start gets nearly 200 yards from scrimmage and 2 TD’s. It’s sad but perhaps the end result is going to be the best for everyone. I highly doubt Bell ends up in a situation where he is more likely to win a Superbowl initially, maybe ever. Do you see a contender offering him the sort of contract he’s after?


Fair point about suspensions. I’d draft Gurley over him in fantasy most days for the same reason.

But under the franchise tag he’s actually scheduled to make more guaranteed money than he would under the long-term contract, with the important caveat that he has no reason not to sit out 9 games to keep himself healthy for his next team. You’re getting worse value out of him sitting out on the franchise tag than you would by just paying the man. And even if he’s not quite worth the amount of guaranteed money he’s seeking, you’ve been underpaying him (arguably exploiting him) for his production for 4 or so years. That’s part of a wider debate about negotiating NFL contracts but it shouldn’t be ignored in this case.

As an employee I would never trust this. Not for one second. Neither should Bell

Can only play who you’re up against but it’s a bit “well done, it’s the Browns”. Plus, as you mentioned, when it came to clutch time he bottled it. Maybe he’ll grow with experience but right now you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face and, so far, it’s cost you a win. If you miss out on a playoff spot or home field advantage by half a game because you spent the first half of the season waving your willy around it’s going to look very silly.

But in the NFL it’s never a sure thing. Unless he went to the Patriots he’s never guaranteed to win a Super Bowl, and unless he went to the Browns he’s not guaranteed to never win one - it’s all just slightly differing levels of probability. Two years ago nobody signing with the Eagles would be praised for putting Superbowls over cash. And whilst Antonio Brown is a fantastic player, without Bell the Steelers fall back from the tier of conference favourites to possible contenders (you just drew with the Browns!!!). He may well win a SB with the Jets before Pittsburgh wins again. And you never know, if they have the cap space it’d be hilarious to see the Pats poach him - it’s not common practice for them but they do love rubbing salt into their rivals’ wounds.

Suspect we’re not going to come to an agreement on this. You’ve made some good points and you want to defend your team, but overall it still seems like petty spite on Pittsburgh’s part to me. And I’m totally fine with that. As one of the NFL’s prime evil franchises I’m very happy to see them wallow in a cesspool of their own making :smiley:


'ave a word Watson. Honestly, my Redhawks shit the bed. Lost that first game fair and square.


Lost my Keeper game by 1.5 points :pensive:

But then had my tight end, kicker and defence combine for 54 points in last night’s matchups to pull back a game that look dead and buried in Div 2 :rofl:

In my non-dis league my soon-to-be brother in law, who went 1-15 last year, ended the weekend with 164 points from his autodraft team! :man_shrugging:t2: What the fuck is fantasy football



(was pretty sure I’d lost that one whilst I was watching jets-lions this morning)


It’s really painful to lose by a point at the last gasp, isn’t it? :wink:


adds FKA_Adam_Jeffson to the list


Got absolutely torn apart in DiS Div I. By far the lowest score.

And my TE1 is now out for the season.

Why do we do this again?


I was on the bus this morning staring at my scores for both my leagues wondering why we do this. Emotional roller coaster.

Just watched the Lions game. I’m used to having my heart broken by now.


Lost 2 leagues by about 5 points each, won keeper by about 50. Could really have done with averaging out those points a bit.


I think it was better the way it ended up personally


Kenny stills with 22.8 on my bench while alshon Jeffrey (inactive) and doug Baldwin (0 total yards) fill my line up is a lovely way to start the year


lost by 5 points. Safe to say my Amari Cooper gamble probably isn’t going to pay off (1 of 3 for 9 yards (1.8 points))


Considering picking up the Browns D in one league. Could probably do with someone talking me out of it, if anyone’s got a minute.


Do it!


Only just realised that the non-dis league im in doesnt lock free agents from game time until the waiver wire deadline


By all accounts Oakland specifically gameplanned to avoid throwing against The Rams’ cornerbacks, targeting Jared Cook instead. So his production might pick up?

Would agree it’s not an encouraging sign though, especially if Carr plays that badly the whole season


I think you’ll see that picking up later in the season. I don’t think Carr’s got a lot of weapons this season without Crabtree. Surely Cooper is going to pick up that goal line work?