NFL Fantasy 2018



Pray for those playing against AJ Green this week


Just watching the highlights, chuckling to myself, thinking ‘I hope my opponent hasn’t got Green. Don’t think they have’.

They have.


@spit-fire can we change the waiver period to one day in keeper league?


I have AJ Green, soz Ben.


My opponent in a non DiS league was playing Andy bloody Dalton against the Ravens defense. And it’s 6 points for a passing touchdown.

I can’t even be happy about my WR3 scoring 17.2 points.


Week 2 and my rosters are already all utter shambleses (can you say shambleses? I like it).

Liking Denver and Pittsburgh QB/WR stacks this week for DFS.

Ravens D wyd.


Classic fantasy, I was pretty happy with my drafts and now they look terrible. I think I’ll be in full panic after Sunday.


My autodrafted team outscored my manually drafted team by something like 110 points.


Sometimes I feel like we all try and be too smart. The people who win my other league have never played a game of American Football in their life. The ones who have, are terrible at fantasy. (FYI, I’ve never played it but I still suck)


v. important to get a QB, Defence and Kicker in the first few rounds.


You joke, but I have Houston and Jacksonville D in my other league, plus Rivers and Wilson at QB, I’m set for the year.


The most significant factor in my promotion from Div 2 to Div 1 was Greg Zuerlein.


hmmmm, 2 of Davante Adams, Amari Cooper and Devin Funchess?


Adams for sure. Funchess prob over cooper as I think cooper will be dreadful this week. Plus falcons defense is losing people to injury by the day.


Adams has been injured but looks like him and Rodgers are both starting so yeah he’s in. Absolutely no idea how to pick between the other 2. Whoever I leave out will catch a TD or two


I am stuck with playing cooper in one of my leagues and I am sad.


Can you bench Cooper pls


Definitely made the right call to sit Mahomes in both my DiS leagues


Really pleased my opponent has roethlisberger, kelce and green.


Excellent move to drop mason crosby too