NFL Fantasy 2018




Yeah, it’s been a good week for me.


2 weeks on, still not feeling autodraft’s decision to take LeSean McCoy with the 2nd overall pick in the keeper league…


Yeah. I think he’s going to sink me this year.


Having a complete nightmare in ESPN leagues, faring only slightly better in NFL ones.



Somehow got away with this in one game and if Jordan Howard + 18 can overcome Tyler Lockett, I’ll have jammed it in two.

I did actually take Cam out of the lineup for Mahomes, but then I checked a couple of rankings sites, and 6/8 people had Cam as number 1 QB and the other 2 had him as 2 - I assume due to the missing Falcons LBs? So I swapped them back, even though that totally goes against what I always say you should do in fantasy (let the experts and websites inform you but not dictate)


Got Matt Breida sitting on my bench with 25 points. Guaranteed 0 if I start him next week


Crowell got a tonne last week. Take any RB against the Lions. They’re guaranteed a career game.


Last night was painful. I was almost thankful that my stream cut out and wouldn’t work.


I called it perfectly after the Lions went down by 17 or whatever it was - I told my father-in-law, we’d stage a late comeback, get within a few points, but we’d blow it, likely including a dubious call from the refs (I don’t believe there’s a conspiracy or that the Lions have particular bad luck, I just felt it was on the cards).


FYI - looks like I beat this non- DiS joker that had Andy Dalton playing against the Ravens.


Got 118.84 points.




I miss the days of us getting those last minute points and winning the game.


I’ll leave it as it is for this week and if no one has objections by Sunday I’ll make the change and publicise on the custom news on the website.


(I agree with this change)




Was that in the keeper? Should have known it was you with a name like that


Yes. My fault for mentally chalking it up as a W before I went to bed last night.



Waiver wire seems very thin this year, huh? I mean it often does, but I’m struggling to talk myself into anyone.

Oh, and I did it, I brought in the Browns D in a league. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.


It does, aside from the usual defense rotation. Even though WR is deep, is it possible that it’s only 40 or so deep, meaning the relevant WRs are basically on everyone’s rosters already? TE is scrappy outside of the top 5-6, so not much clamour to get some hot thing. Plenty of potentially low end starting QBs to pick from. Available RBs all look to be part of a committee or a terrible offense.

What’s your favourite ever waiver wire pick up?


Me too! They seem actually good this year