NFL Fantasy 2018

In for Div 1, but I don’t have time to run keeper this year. I’ll send over all the stuff for working values for keepers and all that to whoever wants to run it, but I can’t.

I think I know who runs Maimed in Kelce, but don’t think he’s posted here for a few years? I’ll check and see if he’s in this year

Things we need then:

A commissioner for Div 2.
A commissioner for keeper.
A new player for div 1 to take over kenako’s team.

I’m not active at all on DiS right now, but I will co-commish if you like with you or someone else.
Will try to spend more time back here anyway.

In for keeper and Div 1

Ok, if you find a co-commish, or - and this goes more widely - if anyone does want to take over sole keeper commish, tag me here 'cause otherwise i won’t see it.

For keepers, how do we see historical draft results again?

and who is up for some trades

(I have very little idea what constitutes fair value, but I’ll give it a go)

Go to league — history — click on 2017 season — draft results. If you follow what I did precisely you’ll also see that you drafted Gronk, Gurley and Dalvin Cook in the first three rounds and wonder how you didn’t walk the league. Then you’ll realise you decided to rely on Jamison crowder and Brandon Marshall as your top 2 wideouts, and it clicks into place.

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My pal’s team, Danish Dynamite, are up for another season of keeper btw, whoever is running that

Jesus, my keeper draft was horrifying last year

Rd 2 Demarius Thomas
Rd 3 Jordan Reed
Rd 5 Mike Gillislee
Rd 6 Jeremy Maclin
Rd 7 Darren McFadden



I’m in lads!

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Again I’m in

having not done one before… how does the offline draft work?


you end up drafting an unsigned kicker in the 8th round

Was hoping to make my first three picks chargers kickers. Just in case.

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Is it time to start throwing around dates for drafts? Sunday 2nd September looks like a good spot.

It’s good fun. You sit and wait your turn, patiently planning which stud you’re going to take. Then the person ahead of you will take whoever you had your eye on, you’ll be up, and you’ll panic and do something insane like pick CJ Anderson. After a few rounds, instead of sticking to your careful plan of RB, WR, RB, WR, you’ll realise you have four terrible RBs and there are no good WRs left, so you’ll pick the first QB on the basis that having Aaron Rodgers must count for something. You will walk away convinced the computer could have done a better job, and you will probably be right.

but that’s a live online draft… right?