NFL Fantasy 2018



Oooh, tricky one, I like it. Probably Devonta Freeman the week before he went completely ballistic for four weeks, when he was still unkown. Single handedly won me those weeks, then I traded him for Julio Jones and someone else, just before he returned to normality.


I’ve had a good history of picking up QBs on the wire - Cousins one year when he started badly, Ryan another year in Shanahan’s last season at the falcons.

I have Freeman in the keeper league, kind of annoyingly. Can’t not draft him because he only costs a 13th round pick or something, and then feel like I have to start him, even though I hate the double RB situation and Atlanta are ideologically opposed to TDs.


First trade of the year with our very own @kenako

I mainly play ff for the trades tbh.


Alvin Kamara last season. Meant I had Bell, Gurley and Kamara playing every week. Never looked back on the way to winning div 2.


Got doug Baldwin from waivers just before he went on that ridiculous tear at the end of the season. That was good


It’s tough, out there on the waiver. RB is already fucked. I think it will be till there are the inevitable injuries.


Left Crowell on the bench of my non-DiS league. Think this is the first true gutpunch of my fantasy season.


Ahh is he the reason Quincy didn’t get the points this week?


Two TDs! Wanker!


Results: fair to middling.




Dropped quincy last night in favour of the Fuller upside this weekend, good to see him still performing though.

Robby Anderson’s fantasy career rip


Took Carlos Hyde out of my Div 2 team, left Robby Anderson in :sweat:


The Bell hold-out is absolutely screwing me in Keeper.

Anticipate trade offers for all of your running backs.


FFS managed to play this week without a Kicker


Can’t you still put one in?


yep sorted, my fault for forgetting i’d made a waiver request!


Never going to make the right choice between Cooper and funchess for my flex am I. Missed out on 10 points each week so far, missing out on 9.8 atm this week


Forgot to put Mahomes in my Div 2 team this week. Genuinely checked my team twice in the last couple of days, with the intention of putting Mahomes in, and just… didn’t. My team name is even a Mahomes pun.


This week on Adam Jeffson’s bench:

Clavin Ridley - 33 points (keeper)
Carlos Hyde - 22 points (Div2)