NFL Fantasy 2018



this week on my bench: Matt Ryan - fucking loads of points, can’t even bring myself to look.


Jimmy G fucked his knee?


I had Calvin Ridley on the bench in Div 1 as well.


currently on 33 points for the week, with just fitzmagic to play



my bench has 65


thought it was you. it’s been a funny week of football!


Vikings have done a number on me in both my leagues.

But whatever possessed me to start Chargers WRs ahead of Rams ones?? that’s entirely on me.


Calvin Ridley on my Div 2 bench and just lost by 4 points. Damn you Space Beast, whoever you are. 0-3 now.

Bell’s holdout and Gronk’s relatively slow start to the season have screwed me. Have Tevin Coleman as RB2 (now RB1), but just terrible RBs after that. Happy to listen to trade offers for RBs if anyone has one spare. Will put Gronk, DeShaun Watson or even yer boy Pat Mahomes on the table…


Lost by less than a point in Div 1, leaving me 0-3 and in severe danger of dropping out of the top division for the first time since we started the league. Upsetting.


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How’re people thinking about the Bell situation now? Obviously depends on your situation (with/without Connor, doing well/badly in league to this point) but I think it’s fascinating. It could suddenly resolve itself and be tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping (or whatever they eat in Pittsburgh, pierogies?), but right now…

I think up to a mid-high level RB2 that @tea_seagull mentioned (though he might have changed his mind since), assuming I can cover the worst case Bell scenario with a flex level RB at worst as my RB2 and someone else in the actual flex slot. No trade is probably the most likely result, and Bell would still want to accrue a season, so he’d come back at the end of the season (ie playoffs) and probably be run into the ground. Useless until then though.


Sandwiches with french fries in them! And steaks cooked on hot metal shovels in a furnace! (I think, I’m basing this on a Man vs Food episode I saw).


Big fan of sandwiches/wraps with french fries/potatoes in them


I think it’s very unlikely he plays for the Steelers again this season given the locker room’s extreme reaction to his absence and extremely unlikely before week 10. I also think it’s very unlikely a trade gets sorted as someone is going to have pony up something better than the Steelers will get as a compensatory pick for him (3rd round 2020) and why would you do that for a half year rental on a player that is worried about usage when you can’t do a deal with him until free agency starts?


Yeah, totally agree about the trade side of things, although some teams are desperate with a lot of cap room… but then those teams won’t challenge this year so it seems a bit nuts to trade now?

You think he wouldn’t play even if he’s being paid when he shows back to work? I think he needs the accrued season to get to FA? Or would pittsburgh be in a situation where they get the offer of franchise deal same as this year if Bell doesn’t report at all this season, and pass this time, releasing bell to FA?

Really not sure about the advice Bell’s been given by his agent. Mind you, I said that about the Andy Carroll to Liverpool transfer (multiple rejected bids that I couldn’t believe newcastle were rejecting, but liverpool kept coming back with more), so watch Bell get signed for 70M, 45 guaranteed in march


My hunch is we won’t play him. It’ll be very tough to go back on some of the messages the locker room has sent out. I think he’ll come back to accrue his year and we’ll pay him but he won’t play. I just don’t see what’s in it for either party. He clearly, whether you think the reasoning is sound or not, isn’t into helping the Steelers out this year and I just think the locker room unrest putting him back in there would cause may not be worth it.

Also, there’s the question of what shape he’s in when he does return. And even if he is in pysical and football shape, how much use is an (albeit great) player who is worried about overuse and injury ahead of his big payday?


I’m very glad no-one took me up on trading for Bell, because I wouldn’t do it at all now, or at least not for anything worthwhile. I really can’t see him coming back to the Steelers this year (subject to weird free agency/franchise tag rules that I don’t understand), and there’s no guarantee that he’d be able to fit straight in anywhere else.

(Realistically I would probably trade for Bell because despite all my logic, I still wouldn’t be able to help stop myself)


Or we may rescind the franchise tag but we then lose the compensation for him and he’s free to sign with who he likes this season.


Hoping this pans out for us idiots who have him in fantasy:


That Julio Jones completely unnecessary 63 yards on a failed hail mary is quite handy, points wise


Quite possible I might win two matchups this week despite having Ryan Tannehill (0 points) in one and OJ Howard (0 points) in another.